“Howdy”, “The countless number of things as you can do with your Android device. Something like that a question comes to our mind that is How to run Windows on Android, It’s not a particular think about, it’s simple. Android is Linux based operating system, where you can not install Windows, but you can Run windows OS on your Android device like a virtual machine. Behind the scene of “Windows on Android” working on Emulator, by using Emulator can access Windows on Android. An emulator is a software and hardware that worked like another computer, Or else we can say it’s working like a virtual machine, For Know all about further let’s continuing read below.”      

Windows on Android:

windows on android
run windows on android

“If you wanting to run windows on android, then you will follow some steps and gets windows on your Android device like a real. Think of it, not a real but it is true.”

1# First of all go to the play store and then search Limo PC emulator and download it. Limo PC emulator is a port of quick emulator for android device, Where you can run your Windows OS.  

windows on android

2# After complete installing, Open it up and click on Load Machine then new and enter the name as Windows name or else something whatever you want, In this case, I’m carrying of windows 98. 

windows on android

3# When previous has been completed, then Enter some following setting carefully, If you will not do this, might be face problem. 

  • Architecture – ×86
  • Machine type – pc
  • CPU model – qemu32
  • CPU core – 1
  • Ram – 512 MB

windows on android

4# Next select Hard Disk as storage and tap over the here, then open Image file and drop here.

windows on android

5# Now click on play button over here and wait for some time until windows are booting, Every Windows can take 3-4 minute to run here, keep patience.  

windows on android

Some Images:

windows on android


windows on android

“If your Windows is not running on the android device, Make sure you did all settings same, But still you might facing the same problem then you can watch the video tutorial here, and get the solution. 




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