Fix Easily, Windows 10 volume too low and How to Increase Volume


There is no doubt Windows 10 is a feature loaded operating system of Microsoft. Dozens of Windows 10 features are very useful that we’re not aware of. It’s true but it brings many problems after upgrading as new os. Thousands of common people Who are using windows 10 always complaining that Windows 10 volume too low and How to Increase Volume in Windows 10. Probably it is caused due to the software otherwise hardware failure, as we’re expecting.

Windows 10 comes with some major default setting, after changing, it makes many causes of these problems. But you don’t worry, we have a complete solution to fix such error. If your Windows 10 volume too low then you can follow these below steps to Increase Volume in Windows 10.

Windows 10 volume too low: Fix Step-By-Step

• Go ahead and find the few unique solutions to fix your Problem in the just easy way and Hopefully can bring back previous windows 10 volume experience.

1] Update your audio driver

First, check your driver, it is updated, otherwise not. Typically, when audio driver is too old, So these errors come instinctively so well. Therefore check your driver details to ensure, the driver has been updated, otherwise not. Probably, If you find that driver is too old and vice-versa if you find the driver has been updated, then you need to do something different to fix such errors.

Few steps to check driver details and try to update⇒
Go to the Control panel>Device manager>Audio Inputs and outputs>Properties>Driver.

 Windows 10 volume too low

If you need to update your all windows drivers to enhance performance, well you can use free Iobit Driver Booster.
Collect Your Driver Booster Here – Iobit Driver Booster

2] Check with the External device

You can check your computer volume with external devices such as Bluetooth speaker, Woofers, External Sounds etc, and Probably, you can ensure, What is this problem? If the problem is very stubborn, then try to do differently to fix such errors.

3] Switch Loudness Equalization

This is another setting to enhance audio performance, Typically after enabling the Loudness Equalization maybe result can find out. You can try this method and ensure certain thing.
Follow the guide to completely set up⇒
Control panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Speaker>Open Properties>Enhance.

 Windows 10 volume too low


4] Use VLC Windows 10 volume too low

This is an additional method to increase the volume of the computer, VLC is a free open sources media player that helps to increase 75% volume and it is used by many people to changing their sound quality and loudness. If you have done all computer settings then you can try VLC, It is so well.

Download VLC Media Player – Here

5] Check your Speaker and clean

If you have been using your PC since a long time ago, often occurs that dust gets stored on the PC speakers and blocks sound waves to playing smoothly. Therefore, check your speakers from the inside and as well as outside and try to clean. While cleaning your speakers take care and don’t break speaker curtain, If you’ll not do it carefully, speakers could spoil, try carefully and smoothly.

Hp Beats Audio driver to increase Audio performance ⇒ Beats Audio Driver 

That was a complete solution for Windows 10 volume too low problem. I hope, your problem has been solved but if you’re not able and completely fail to fix such error, once more You can repeat all given method If the problem gets solved then enjoy.


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