4 Easy ways to Fix Windows 10 start menu not working

When the start menu works properly, we remain happy, but when the start menu gets stuck. it’s annoying for us. As you might have noticed sometimes the Start menu gets frozen, and doesn’t work properly. Sometimes, It starts working normally but sometimes it doesn’t.

To fix this issue, Microsoft has issued Start Menu Troubleshooter that recognize the start menu problem and resolve it. Whatever, If your Windows 10 Start Menu not working, So, you can use this Microsoft Start Menu Troubleshooter. Microsoft Start Menu troubleshooter will check your System corrupted files and fix them.

Download Microsoft troubleshooter ⇒ Here

 Windows 10 start menu not working

Download and Run troubleshooter on your Windows 10 and fix your problem. 

If Microsoft troubleshooter doesn’t work and the problem persists, Therefore, you may try out other methods to bring back the Start button to use as before.  

Fix, Windows 10 start menu not working

While Using the Microsoft Start Menu troubleshooter if you’re not getting any result and the problem remains. Therefore, We have brought a few techniques that actually work very well, You may Collect them below as follows.

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Method 1. Repair Windows corrupted Files

When important Windows files get corrupted, It yields the errors on the Windows system. Hopefully, We can fix it with a few easy steps.

1. Open Run Box (Press Win+R key) and type “Powershell” inside the Run box and hit the enter button on your keyboard.


Right, Click on the taskbar and open “Task Manager”, In the task Manager Run the New Task called “Powershell” under the File menu and Run as Administrator as well.

2. This opens “Windows Powershell” Window on the Desktop screen.

3. Now, Right click on the PowerShell in the Taskbar and Run as Administrator.

4. Now type the command “sfc /scannow” and Hit Enter Button. It will take some time to check your system files to fix the problem.

Command = sfc /scannow

Note ⇒ It may say, There is system repair pending which needs the reboot to complete. Restart your PC and again type given the command. 

 Windows 10 start menu not working

If you get the result like a screenshot that means files are all OK……..

5. Now type the second command “Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” and hit the enter button.

Command = Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
 Windows 10 start menu not working

Both processes take a few minutes to complete, Once the process is completed, you can check your Windows 10 start menu to ensure, It is working or not.

Method 2. Set up New User Account

1. Open Powershell and Run as Administrator. You can also create a new user account through Windows 10 settings.

 Windows 10 start menu not working

2. Type the Command “net user username /add” to create a new user. Replace the username with your name.

3. Reboot your PC and Sign in through a new user account you created.

4. Once you’re Logged In, check your Windows 10 Start Button and if it is working so you can use this new user account as Microsoft Account and Transfer all your data.

Method 3. Reinstall Microsoft Cortana

Whenever Cortana doesn’t work, Somewhat can be possible, due to certain error start menu is not working. Cortana may prevent the start menu from opening. If your Cortana is not working too, you may reinstall the Cortana. This may be a solution to both problems.

1. Open Powershell and Run as Administrator.

2. Enter the following Command and Hit Enter button…

Command = Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

3. Now Cortana has been reinstalled on your Windows.

4. Now Check your Start Button and hopefully your problem “Windows 10 start menu not working” has been resolved.

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Method 4. Update/ Reinstall Graphics Driver

Intel Graphics driver controls all Computer graphics including Texture Quality, Image quality and display performance too. It must be installed on your Windows system, it is therefore important as it is graphics management of your Windows.

However, If your Video Card/Graphics Driver is not updated, So, first, it must be updated. You can update your Graphics Driver through Device Manager, To update the Driver go to Device manager>Display adapters>Update Driver.

Note ⇒ It can be updated through Windows update, Windows update help to update all your important driver, you can try it as well.

Install new Graphics Driver ⇒ If you haven’t installed any Graphics Driver on your Windows yet, so, It becomes a cause of the trouble. Your Windows 10 Start menu not working, It surely becomes a hassle. So, First, You must Install your Windows 10 compatible graphics driver, you can find it on your Laptop/PC brand’s websites.

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Final Words…….

In case if you have tired from these methods and not working for you, Therefore, final words say that you should reset your PC or Reinstall Windows. However, these processes will wipe all your data and What we can do other than this.

To get any help regarding Windows 10 start Button not working, you may drop a comment below…….

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