We use ShutDown shortcut on Windows 10 to ShutDown PC in Just only One Click, It is also used to Set Windows 10 ShutDown Timer to Shut the PC after the specified time interval. If you’re wanting to Create Windows 10 ShutDown Shortcut on your Desktop, So Let’s begin.

In this Guide, We have shared 2 Easy Methods Step-By-Step, Both Methods are easy to use and both work very well. First Method is, by using normal Exe Shortcut, and Second using Batch Shortcut, these Shortcuts can shut down PC in one Click.

2 Easy ways to Create Shutdown Shortcut

Method 1# Using “.Exe Shortcut”

1. On your Desktop Screen Press the Right Click and then Click to New>Shortcut.

2. It opens a Shortcut Creation Window on the Desktop Screen. On the Opened Window enter the Following Command shutdown.exe /s /t 0 and then Next.

Location: shutdown.exe /s /t 0

Here 0″ means Immediately, You can change this value to delay ShutDown, For example – 0 for Immediately, 60 For 1 Minute Delay, 600 For 10 Minute Delay, Similarly.

Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

3. After that, Enter the Name of this shortcut as ShutDown or something else that you want, then simply Click on finish button. (You will get ShutDown as Default Name)

4. Now Shortcut is Ready to use, If you want to change Icon Logo, So here are few steps.

5. First of all, Right Click on Created ShutDown Shortcut and open its properties.

6. Go to the Shortcut section and click to change Icon.

Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

7. Find Out Shutdown logo Icon and select as a Default Icon then OK and apply.

Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

8. The ShutDown Shortcut is Ready on the Desktop Screen, Just Hit Double click on the ShutDown Icon and the PC will be shut down immediately.

Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

Method 2# Using “.bat Shortcut”

1. First Of all Open the Notepad on your PC.

2. On the Notepad type the Following Line shutdown.exe /s /t 0, (0 is for Immediately Shut Down Windows 10 without any delay, As I told you above).

Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

3. Now Just Press the Ctrl+S on your Keyboard to save this file, Enter the File Name* as ShutDown.bat and Save as Type – All Files, then Click to Save.

Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

4. Right Click on the Saved File and Send on Desktop as the Shortcut. If you want to change its Icon, So you can do this, As I told you in Method 1#.

5. Now You will be able to ShutDown your Windows 10 through this Shortcut Icon.


Hopefully, These Methods are helpful for you. You can also use these methods to set Windows 10 Auto ShutDown timer. Simply you have to change ShutDown time If you want to Know, How to Do it. So Read Here –  7 Easy way to Set Windows 10 Shutdown Timer


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