On Windows 10 often we open Windows Settings rather than control panel. Windows Settings provide almost all the settings that we often use. Settings does matter in Windows 10. These days most of the users use Windows 10 operating system but with the Windows 10, users are complaining that Windows 10 settings not opening, They try to open the settings but settings wouldn’t launch. 

If Windows 10 can’t open settings and you are facing the exact problem, you may follow our guide to solve this issue. 

Windows 10 Settings not opening

Here are a couple of methods to revert the Windows Settings in working condition. 

Open Settings through other places

This is a good technique, You can try to open settings through other places such as Action center and Windows Shortcut key.

 Just press the “Windows+I” shortcut on your desktop to open the Windows settings. You can also open settings through the Action Center. 

Update Windows if Settings doesn’t open 

If some bugs remain with the operating system, Microsoft rolls out the update to fix these bugs as soon as possible. 

You can check your Windows update and if available then start downloading. 

Create a New User Account

If both above methods are not working, Now you can create a new user account on Windows 10.

Open the Control panel and create a new user account, once you create, Sign out and Sign In with newly created user account. 

When you will Sign In through newly user account, Windows will reset all the settings and reinstall all the apps and provide you a fresh interface.

Once It is finished, You can check Windows Settings are opening otherwise not.  

Reset Windows if settings not working

If you have tired, and all the above methods are not working. Now you can reset your Windows operating system. This will be a good option rather than other tries. 

You can keep your data while resetting the Windows operating system.

Read Here: Reset Windows 10 without losing data 

If any kind of error Windows 10 Settings not opening, then Resetting Windows is a good option. When you will reset Windows will reinstall the operating system. 

Once this process is finished, Hopefully, Windows might work very fine.


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