How to Enable and Disable Windows 10 Game Mode

After Rolling out new Windows Creator Update Microsoft has enabled New Game Feature in the Windows 10, is the Game Mode. The Windows 10 Game Mode is a really Interesting feature for those, Who have no big system resources. It is my favorite feature as It reduces the background process and kills the Such process the eats lot of Memory and CPU usages. So that, Game Could Perform well.

This Feature works as Game Acceleration that enhances the Game Performace. If you have a Mid Range PC or Laptop, So It works very well and boosts the Game speed by reducing the RAM Background usages. In other Words, If you have a High RAM Memory and CPU PC or Laptop, So It’s not worthwhile for you.

Enable and Disable Windows 10 Game Mode

1. Open any Game on your PC, and Once It begins, Then Press the Windows+G Shortcut key on your Keyboard to Open the Game Bar.

2. Now You will see a Game Bar Pop Up, Where you have to Open the Game Mode. Just Click on Game Mode Icon at the Right Side of the Game Bar.

Windows 10 Game Mode

3. The Game Mode is enabled now.

Similarly, You can Enable and Disable Game Mode in Windows 10 at any time While Playing the Game. It improves the Game Performance, You can absolutely feel after Switching on.

While Playing the Big games Such as GTA 5, Forza Horizon 3, It really increases the game speed and performance. I played GTA 5 on Intel i3 1.7 GHz with this Mode and Found amazing Response. Thanks to Microsoft to release this feature in Windows 10.

Hopefully, This Small Tutorial helps you to Activate the Game Mode. If you have any further query, You may Comment Below.

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