How to Add Windows 10 Desktop Icons on the Desktop Screen

Typically, When we Reset Windows 10 PC or Install new Windows 10 operating system on PC, So, By Default, Only Recycle Bin appears on Desktop Screen. Windows applies several default settings with fresh Installation, Therefore, Only Recycle Bin appears on the Desktop Screen, Not all Windows 10 Desktop Icons such as My Computer, Control Panel, etc.

However, If you’re wanting to Enable Windows 10 Desktop Icon on the Desktop Screen, Don’t worry, Here is the easy guide to add Desktop Icons. Go ahead Read following steps.

 Windows 10 Desktop Icons

Simple Way to Enable Windows 10 Desktop Icons

1. First of all, Open the Windows 10 Settings, You can also Open the Windows 10 Settings using Windows+I shortcut key on the keyboard.

2. Then Go to the Personalization, It is a management of the Windows settings to Edit Background, theme, Windows Colors etc.

Also, You can Open Personalization settings through Desktop Screen, Right Click on the Desktop Screen and then Personalize.

 Windows 10 Desktop Icons

3. Now Go to the Themes Option under the Personalization settings.

4. On the Themes section, You will see Desktop Icon Settings on the Right Side under the Related Settings. Just Go there and click on Desktop Icons Settings and open it up.

 Windows 10 Desktop Icons

5. On the Windows 10 Desktop Icons settings select the Icons that you want to add on the Desktop, then apply and OK. You can also change Icon style from here.

 Windows 10 Desktop Icons

Hope, You successfully added Windows 10 Desktop Icons on Desktop screen. In general, If you’re using Windows 8 or Windows 7, So this Method is also similar over there. You can enable Desktop Icons through Desktop Icons Settings under the Personalization settings.

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These Desktop Shortcut Icon helps to quickly access the Windows Program and settings. Whenever we need to open the program, can open through the Desktop shortcuts. If you installed any program on Windows and the Program Shortcut didn’t create on the Desktop Screen. So, you can create Shortcut Easily. Go to the Program Installation Folder under the Local Disk C>Program Files and Right Click on the Program and then Send to Desktop. Your Shortcut has been created on the Desktop screen, see now.

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