4 Easy Ways to Fix If Windows 10 C Drive full without reason

If you’re facing some issues with your Hard Drive especially with Windows 10 C drive is getting full without any reason, It may be due to the many causes. Often, Hard Drive becomes full when we store more data than the capacity, but sometimes C drive gets full without any reason. In general, Lot of useless apps and data that are like garbage fill the C drive in extra. 

In Windows 10 C Drive full without reason, It is one more problem with users. How it’s true, there is no idea but there are few easy ways to get rid. Let’s go ahead and read this useful guide. 

Clean Windows 10 C Drive If It’s Full

Method 1#

Clean the Recycle Bin

Most of the users delete files and folders thousand times in a year but don’t clean Recycle Bin, All deleted data is stored in Recycle Bin to be restored in some cases. 

All the Deleted data lie in C Drive that is one more reason for full drive. 

To clean the Recycle Bin just right on the Recycle Bin desktop icon and then Empty Recycle Bin. 

Method 2#

Uninstall useless apps to clean Windows 10 C Drive

If you’ve installed a lot of apps that are filling C drive, Uninstalling may be a good decision. You can uninstall apps that you don’t use.

1: To complete this task simply open the Windows Settings and go to the Apps.  

2: On the Apps & Features window open the Programs and Features option under the related settings. 

3: Now, Simply click on the program that you want to remove then proceed to uninstall.

Fix If Windows 10 C Drive full without reason

Method 3#

Clean useless data from Windows 10 C Drive

You can clean junk files and useless data from C driver and clean it. There are a few easy steps to complete this task. 

1: Go to the Start menu do a search for Disk Clean up and then open it.

2: Next, select the Hard Drive that you want to clean. 

3: Now, Click the Clean up system files and wait for a while. It will scan all the files and show you the result.

Fix If Windows 10 C Drive full without reason

4: Now select the files and folder that you want to remove and then OK.

Fix If Windows 10 C Drive full without reason

5: You will be asked to delete the Files, Click to Delete Files. 

6: Wait until the process finishes.

Method 4#

Extend the C Drive Volume

If your Windows 10 C drive has little space, Obviously It will be full quickly with the apps and programs. You can extend the volume of C drive and store a lot of programs and files. 

Go to the Disk Management and extend the size of any Hard Drive partition.

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