How to Install & Configure Linux Terminal For Windows 10, 8 and 7

Occasionally, When We need to run Linux or Bash Commands on Windows, So we try on the Command Prompt. As we all Familiar, Linux commands cannot be run on Command Prompt as Command Prompt allows Windows Commands, not for the Linux Commands.

However, Many Terminal Emulators are available that allows you to use Linux Commands on Windows 10, 8 and 7. In this Guide, We will use Cygwin Tool. It is free open sources tool, Written on C, C++ Language. Cygwin provides you Unix-Like environment and Command Line interface to your Windows 10,8 and 7.

Through this tool, On the 64-bit or 32-bit Windows Operating System can be easily run Linux Commands, and can be used of Terminal on Windows, and Executed Linux binaries as well. Other than this, Through Cygwin X tool can be used X-Desktop environment too.

So, Let’s see, How to Install & Configure Terminal for Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Install & Config Terminal For Windows

1. First of all, Download Cygwin Tool from the Following Link Below.

Download Cygwin Tool ⇒ Here

2. After that, Install on your PC, As you Install other Programs on your Windows.

“When you will install the first time, So you have to Install From the Internet and leave all Settings as Default Settings”

3. On the Last point of Installation, It will ask you to Select website for Download Packages. Simply, Select any Website and click to Next.

Terminal for Window

4. Once It is finished, You will get All Packages List, You can Select packages that you need to install and then simply click Next.

You can leave default selected packages and click Next.

Terminal for Window

5. After that, All Packages will be downloaded on your system, You have to wait for a while.

Terminal for Window

6. Once Installing will be finished, You can use Cygwin Tool on your Windows.

Terminal for Window

Now the Terminal For Windows has been successfully Installed. Just Launch the Cygwin Terminal on your system and use all Linux commands.

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