If you are a blogger or businessman, then you will need business Email. GoDaddy also offers a free mail account with Domain, Such as “your [email protected]”. In many cases, We make email but How to setup GoDaddy webmail on android device. If you are facing the same problem, then we will share with you that How to setup GoDaddy webmail login on Android Device.  

How to setup GoDaddy webmail in android

godaddy webmail
“First of all, Setup GoDaddy email address”

1# First of all Log-In Godaddy account with your email and password.

2# After login click on Workspace Email.

3# Then choose your account, as you want to use then Set up.

5# Select the account credit, that you want to use (Including type, region, and size).

6# Now select your domain and product, Which you want to associate with this Email account and then click on set up.

7# After successfully set up an Email account, then go to the back on Email List and click on manage.

8# Now click on create at the top on domain list lest corner.

9# Next Enter the email address you want to create such as your “[email protected]” and enter password then create an account.

Configure Godaddy webmail on Android

1# First of all open android settings then go to account and click on add account.  godaddy webmail

2# Now click on personal POP3 account.

godaddy webmail

3# Next simply Enter your Email address and password, for example, [email protected] and your password, then click on next.

godaddy webmail

5# Now Enter the following  Incoming Server Settings and then next.

  • Username – [email protected]
  • Password – ∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗
  • Server – domain.com
  • Port – 110  

godaddy webmail

6# Next Enter the following Outgoing server settings, then click on next.

  • SMTP server – domain.com
  • Port – 587
  • Require Sign in – Yes
  • Username – [email protected]

godaddy webmail

7# In the next step Choose your name and set up your account by clicking on next.

godaddy webmail

“In case if your mail server is IMAP then following these settings”

  • Username – [email protected]
  • Password – ∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗
  • IMAP server – IMAP.domain.com
  • Port – 143