How to Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop Background Screen

Unfortunately, We can’t Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop Screen as Windows 10 doesn’t support GIF format for Desktop screen. Hopefully, Somewhere, It becomes the matter of concern for Windows users as a missing feature. Therefore, We will use Third-party software to set animated wallpaper in windows 10. As of now, Several Softwares are available to be used but “Bionix” is our best and free choice.

Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10

Here, We’re going to use free Bionex GIF Wallpaper Animator to make a gif your wallpaper on windows 10 Desktop screen. You may follow our easy Guide that is below as follows.  

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Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop Screen

1. First of all, Download Bionix GIF Wallpaper Animator from the given Link Below.
Download Here

2. Once It is finished, Install the Downloaded program on your Windows.
(Hope You know, How to Install Program on Windows)

3. After that, Go to the Local Disk C>BioniX Video Wallpaper and run Video Wallpaper application on your Windows PC.Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10

4. Just Switch on Video Wallpaper Tab, and select your Wallpaper and click to Start Button.

It will automatically detect all Gif saved Wallpapers on your PC and shows you all support Animation images list at the left side.

Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10

Now You can see Animated GIF wallpaper on Your Windows 10 Desktop Screen. Similarly, You can Set other GIF as Wallpapers on your Windows 10 Desktop Screen.

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Set Wallpaper as a Gif using Plastuer

Plastuer is also one more utility that allows you to set Gif as a Wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop Screen. But Plastuer is available as PWYW (Pay What you want). It means You will have to pay money to use Plastuer, You can pay 1$-100$, and further, As you wish.

When You will pay money and provide your Email Address, then they will contact you through Email and provide you with further details to Download and Install.

Hope, You would not want to waste money and go with BioniX as It’s free and Easy to use.

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