How to Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop Background

Unfortunately, we cannot set GIF as a Wallpaper on Windows 10 desktop screen because Windows doesn’t support GIF format for the desktop background. Windows only support PNG, JPEG, and JPG for the desktop background wallpaper. But the maneuver doesn’t end right now, we can use third-party software to set GIF as a desktop wallpaper.

Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10

In this guide, we will walk you through the way to use the GIF as desktop wallpaper on Windows 10. To animate the GIF on the desktop screen, we will use BioniX Wallpaper Animator, this application is free to use.

Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop Screen

1. Using BioniX Wallpaper Animator

  1. First of all, download the Bionix GIF Wallpaper Animator application.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded, then install the application on the computer.
  3. Once the BioniX application is installed, then open the BioniX Wallpaper Animator.
  4. In the Bionix Video Wallpaper Animator app, navigate to the Video Wallpaper tab, then click the little upwards arrow button to browse the directory where you’ve saved the GIF wallpapers.
  5. Select the wallpaper you want to set as desktop background, then click the Start Button.
Set GIF as Wallpaper on Windows 10
  1. Now see if the GIF wallpaper is being successfully animated on the desktop screen. To start and stop the GIF animation, use the start and stop buttons respectively.

2. Using Plastuer

Plastuer is another Windows application for setting GIFs, Videos, and WebPages as your desktop wallpaper. It is powered by chromium (an open-source software project for developing web browsers), therefore, you can animate web pages, canvas, and GIFs directly on the desktop screen as a wallpaper.

Plastuer is not available for free to download, you have to pay 5$ to buy this, but it’s a one-time investment. If you want to animate your desktop screen, you should go for this.

I hope this guide is helpful for you, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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