How to Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps in Windows 10,8,7

If you’ve been using Windows 10 for a Long time, So obviously you might have noticed so many Running apps in Background on the Task Manager. In which many background apps automatically Start with Windows Startup without taking your permission. Whenever We open a new program, So by default system automatically loads another list of related service that seems to run in the Background Process.

However, Every Operating System has its Priority Level that can be adjusted to set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps. If you’re considering to change CPU Priority to Prefer Background apps, So, we’re going to tell you about it so that you could do it.

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Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps

Here, We have posted three easy ways, Now, Go ahead collect them. 

Method 1: Using Registry Editor

Registry Editor is a Graphical Tool of the Windows NT Family that provides all Windows Registry and lets make changes. In this Method, We will change the CPU Priority through the Priority Control under the Registry Editor. So Let’s Begin……….

1. First of all, Open the RUN Box (Press Win+R Shortcut Key on the Keyboard) and then Type Regedit and Hit the Enter Button.

2. It opens Windows Registry Editor.

3. On the Registry Editor Go to the Following Key Location……

Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps

4. Now Just Press the Double Click on the Win32PrioritySeparation, and now Default Value Data is 2,  and now set it into the 26, then Hit Ok.

Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps

In future, If you want to get back to default settings. So, you can change the Value Data from 26 to 2 at any time, when needs to change it.

Method 2: Using Advanced System Settings

This is an additional Windows setting to Adjust Best Performance for Program or Background Services. In this setting, We will set the Best Performance for Program so that Background Service cannot take high CPU Resouces.

1. First of all, Open the System Properties (Right Click on the This PC or My Computer Icon and then Open the Properties, It open System Properties).

You can access system Properties through Control Panel>System as well.

2. On the Left Side under the Control Panel Home Click to Advanced System Settings.

Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps

3. On the System Properties under the Advanced Tab open the Performance Settings.

Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps

4. Inside the Performance Settings, Go to the Advanced Tab and select Programs for Best Performance, So that Background Services cannot take the higher bit of CPU Resouces.

Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps

On Windows 10 this is already set as a Default setting, If this system Setting is not set on your PC, So must use this setting to get better CPU performance.

Method 3: Using Task Manager

Task Manager is a Windows Utility where various windows process seems to run. It allows the user to check and Close process, Even user can start a new task and process. Through the Task Manager we can easily adjust and Set Priority of any Program, But it changes as a Default Priority when we restart the Program.

“You can use this setting When you want to adjust CPU Priority for a specific program”

1. Open the Task Manager (Right Click on Title Bar then Open Task Manager).

2. On the Task Manager go to the Details section.

3. Now Just Right Click on the Program and set Priority as a Normal, High or Default.

Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps

4. Similarly, You can change CPU Priority for another Program and Background Service.

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I hope, these Method is too Good to Set and Change CPU Priority, and also working fine for you. Why We Should use these settings as these Settings impact on System Performace and give a good performance result.

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