Service Host SysMain causing High Disk Usage in Windows 10

If you notice the performance lag on your Windows computer, you open the Task Manager to check what is causing the computer performance. If you have recently opened the Task Manager to find the culprit, you find that the process called Service Host SysMain (formerly known as SupertFetch) is causing high Disk usage.

Service Host SysMain causing High Disk usage

Service Host SysMain is also known as SuperFetch; it is a service that runs in the background and continuously checks your computer behavior to improve system performance. The SysMain process scans the hard disk and collects the data to determine which application you use most and which not. This data is further used to improve the system performance by arranging the hard disk at the block level.

Traditional Hard Disk Drive is a lot slower than the Solid State Drive. If your computer has Hard Disk, you should think twice before deciding to disable this service as this service improves the application load time.

Try the following methods to disable the SysMain service.

1. Disable the SysMain service using Services

You can directly open the Windows Services and find the SysMain service and then disable it.

  1. Press the “Windows Logo + R” shortcut key to open the Task Manager.
  2. Type services.msc in the Task Manager, then hit the enter button.
  3. This will open the Services.
  4. In the Services, scroll down and find the SysMain service. You can also navigate the service by using the first alphabet letter of the service name on the keyboard.
  5. Right-click the service and select the properties.
Service Host SysMain
  1. On the General Tab, select the Disabled option from the startup type drop-down list menu.
  2. Under the Service status, click the Stop button to stop the service.
Service Host SysMain causing High Disk Usage in Windows 10
  1. Click the Apply then OK.

Now SysMain service is completely disabled.

2. Disable SysMain using Command Prompt

This method could be a lot easier for you because you have to open the command prompt and copy-paste the command.

  1. Click the Start Menu button.
  2. Search Command Prompt in the search box.
  3. Once you get the Command Prompt in the result, right-click the Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  4. In the Command Prompt, copy-paste the following command.
sc stop "SysMain" & sc config "SysMain" start=disabled

Once you get the Success message, it means the service has been disabled.

3. Disable SysMain using Registry Editor

Registry Editor is a database system that stores the low-level system settings in the key-value pair. The following steps will show you how to disable the SysMain service using Registry Editor.

  1. Press the Windows + R shortcut key to open the Run Box.
  2. Type regedit.exe in the Run Box, then hit the enter button.
  3. This will open the Registry Editor.
  4. In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key.
  1. Under the SysMain collection, you will get a REG_DWORD Start key.
  2. Double click the Start key to edit it.
  3. Change the value of Value data to 4.
  4. Click the OK to save the key, then exit the Registry Editor.

I hope this article solves your problem. If your problem didn’t solve yet, please leave a comment below, I will try to do my best.

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