Microsoft Support team always stands for users’ help, and it’s not only their work but also a responsibility. If you’re facing any kind of issue related Windows operating system, you can feel free to contact the Microsoft Support team and share your problem. 

If you ever talked with a tech expert, You may better explain your problem to the Microsoft team. If you’re talking first time with the Microsoft Support team, It may be something odd. However, If you don’t want to Schedule a Call Back From Microsoft Support Team, Contact Microsoft Team through chat may be the better deal. 

I hope you’re using genuine Windows 10 not any pirated Windows, It may create a problem for you while contacting the support team. 

Before any Attempt go with real Windows 10,

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Get a Call back from Microsoft support Team

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To Schedule A Call Back From Microsoft Support Team, we need to use the “Get Help” native app on Windows 10. If you don’t know how to use it, Let me guide you.

1: First of all, Go to the Start menu and do a search “Get Help”.

2: In the search results, Find the “Get Help” apps and open it.

Schedule A Call Back From Microsoft Support Team

3: First time, You will get Microsoft Virtual Assistant that will try to help you. Just briefly describe your issue and Assistant will try to help and also show you the related solutions.

Schedule A Call Back From Microsoft Support Team

4: Once you described the issue, It will show you a few results, simply select “None of the above” and go ahead. 

Schedule A Call Back From Microsoft Support Team

If Assistant shows the result again just simply go with “None of the Above”. 

5: It will ask you. Did this solve your problem? 

Schedule A Call Back From Microsoft Support Team

6: Select No and you will get an option “Talk to a Person”, just click on it. 

Schedule A Call Back From Microsoft Support Team

7: Select your product Windows, then Next. 

how to contact with microsoft support team

8: Select the issue “Devices and Drivers”.

9: Now click “Schedule a Call”.

10: Provide your Phone number along with the country code and date&Time, then click the confirm button to arrange a call back from Microsoft Support Team. 

how to contact with microsoft support team

Microsoft Support Team will contact you as soon as possible. You can share your problem with support team they will assist you as much as possible.


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