How to Repair or Remove programs in Windows 10

Some programs don’t work well due to errors, You can repair or remove them, and install again. This might help you to solve any programs related issue, either you can use Windows 10’s settings or Control panel to repair or remove programs. It may be possible you won’t get a repair option for all programs.

Repair or Remove Programs in Windows 10

Repair or Remove programs in Windows 10

Repair Program using Windows 10’s Settings

  1. On the taskbar, click the Start Menu button, then open Settings>Apps>Apps & Features.
  2. Select the app that you want to repair from the Apps & features list.
  3. Click the app, You will get an Advanced Option right under the name of the app, then open it. You’ll not get this option for all the apps.
  4. Under the Advanced Option, See the Repair option if it’s available, otherwise select Reset option instead. This will repair your program.

Repair Program using Control Panel

  1. In the taskbar search, Type Control Panel and search, then open it.
  2. In the Control Panel, Programs>Programs and Features.
  3. This opens Program and Features Window, Simply find the program and right-click that you want to repair, then select Repair options if it’s available, If not then select change.
  4. Follow all directions that Windows tell you.

Uninstall or Remove Programs

Windows 10 lets you remove any program in different ways. You can choose what easy way you like to uninstall the program. You can go through the following steps and explore each method. In case you don’t find the program at the one location then you can try another location.

Remove or Uninstall program from Start Menu

  1. Click the Start Menu button on the taskbar.
  2. Next, Find the app you want to remove.
  3. Select the app and right-click, and then click uninstall.

Uninstall from Settings>Apps & Features

  1. Either Press Windows+I shortcut key or Go to Start Menu and select settings Gear Icon to open settings.
  2. Next, Go to the Apps>Apps & Features.
  3. Under the Apps & Features, Find and select the program that you want to remove, then hit click and select uninstall option.

Uninstall program from Control Panel

  1. Go to the taskbar and search Control Panel then open it.
  2. In the Control Panel, Select Programs>Programs and Features.
  3. Find your program and right-click on that, then select uninstall. Other than this you can click twice on the program to uninstall.

These are the available options you can use to Repair or Remove programs in Windows 10. I hope this little guide helps you to understand how to repair and uninstall programs.

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