External Storage Such as Pendrives, USB, External Hard drive, SD card is very commonly used for data transfer from one PC to another. Unfortunately When we connect these external devices from another computer then several shortcut virus has been injected into these external devices. If you’re a part of this problem and have to face distress, Don’t worry we have a complete solution as you can read below as follows.  remove shortcut virus     

This virus is known as Shortcut virus, Which converts every file into the shortcuts folder. The shortcut virus is a program, which is injected through Pendrive, Hard Drive into the PC. When we used a third-party software program, then some viruses have been injected into our PC, That occurs we confuse to find the real folder. Don’t worry, we have a few methods to remove shortcut virus from PC.

Remove shortcut virus from your PC, Pendrive, USB

Method#1 – By using CMD

1. The first thing you need to do is open Command Prompt by using Win+X on the Keyboard.

2. You can open command using RUN, Press Win+R>Run>type ‘cmd’

remove shortcut virus

3.  Now type name on the hard drive then Hit Enter……..

remove shortcut virus

4. Next, Type the second command “attrib f:*.* /d /s -h -r -s” then Hit enter……………. and wait for a couple of a time, and the process will be completed in few seconds.

remove shortcut virus

Method#2 – By using shortcut virus remover tool 

  • Download shortcut virus remover tool – Here
  • Then install software and run it.
  • Then you will get a box then you will type your volume letter.

remove shortcut virus

  • Now Press the clean button and wait until process will be done.
  • The virus will be automatically cleaned.

In case shortcut virus remover tool is working, You will need to an Antivirus program, such as Quick Heal, Norton, Avast etc. Because of some virus too difficult to remove, we cannot remove manually.

How we can protect our PC through this malware……. Follow some Guidelines 

  • We should always use a good antivirus.
  • Always update your Antivirus software.
  • Never use a third-party program such as a cracked file, Patch file etc.