Uninstall and Remove Grub Bootloader from Windows 10

When you install Ubuntu along with Windows 10, Grub Bootloader also gets installed. When your computer starts you can choose either Windows or Ubuntu Bootloader to boot the system. Grub Bootloader lets you Boot Ubuntu along with Windows 10.

If any time you uninstall Ubuntu from your computer, but Grub Bootloader remains installed. That’s why, when you start your computer, you get two boot options, Windows Boot manager and Ubuntu. So you think that I’ve uninstalled Ubuntu, but still, Ubuntu is here; why?

You’ve uninstalled Ubuntu but not Grub Bootloader. You can easily uninstall and remove Grub Bootloader from Windows 10. Once you’ve done this, Grub Bootloader will no longer be available on your computer.

In this guide, we will show you how to uninstall and remove Grub Bootloader from Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Remove Grub Bootloader

Although It is pretty easy to remove Grub Bootloader from Windows, we should have Admin privileges on Windows. We will first temporarily assign a letter to the EFI drive and then uninstall Grub Bootloader from the Boot directory.

  1. Open the Command prompt and type the command diskpart, then hit the enter button. You can also open Diskpart using the Run dialog box as well.
  2. This opens a Diskpart command line tool.
  3. Type the command “list vol”, this will list all the disk volumes of your computer.
  4. Now find the EFI/System Volume. It will always be in FAT32 format.
  5. Select the EFI/System volume using the “select volume Y” command, where Y represents the sequence number of the EFI volume.
  6. For convenience, we should assign a drive letter running a command “assign letter=Z:”, where Z is a temporary drive letter.
Uninstall and Remove Grub Bootloader
  1. Once you’ve done this, type “exit” command to exit the Diskpart window.
  2. Now, open the command prompt and Run as Administrator.
  3. In the Command Prompt Admin, type “Z:” to access the EFI/System drive.
  4. Next, type the command “dir” to list all the directories inside the drive.
remove grub
  1. Find the EFI directory and naviagte to it using the cd EFI command.
  2. Type “dir” command to list all the directories inside.
  3. Next, enter the command “rmdir /s ubuntu”, then hit the enter button to delete the Ubuntu boot director.
remove Grub Bootloader from windows 10
  1. This will remove the Ubuntu boot director. To check, you can run the dir command to list all the directories
  2. Exit the command prompt and restart your Computer.
  3. Then, Open the Boot manager and remove Ubuntu from the boot list, then save and exit.

Finally, you can check that Grub Bootloader is no longer available in the Boot menu. After that, your Computer will boot your Windows without any interruption.

I hope this guide is helpful for you. If you have any question or comment, feel free to mention below.

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