Easy Way to Remove CRC SHA from the Context Menu

After a long time, I installed a 7 Zip new version over the WinRaR and find some entry in the Context Menu that was “CRC SHA”.

What is this and how to remove it from the Context Menu? Let’s discuss. 

Before we start, Let’s know about CRC and SHA somewhat. 

What is CRC SHA?

CRC is Cyclic redundancy check that is in the form of a code to detect the errors and used in digital network and storage devices to detect accidental changes. CRC is based on the cyclic error-correcting codes that are used for controlling the error in data. 


SHA is better known as “Secure Hash Algorithm” are the family of the cryptography hash function developed and published by the National Security Agency in the US.

These are some security features that help to keep the data secure. In the SHA family, there is a series of every next secure hash algorithm. Go to the Wikipedia page to learn more about it.

Remove CRC SHA From the context menu

There are a couple of steps to disable this feature on 7 Zip, just start following below guide step by step. 

1: First of all, Go to the start menu and do a search for 7 Zip.

2: In the results, open the 7 Zip.

3: On the 7 Zip window, go to Tools>Options.

Remove CRC SHA From the context menu

4: Next, Navigate the 7 Zip menu.

5: Now, Under the context menu options uncheck the “CRC SHA” then Apply and OK.

What is CRC SHA?

6: Once you have done it, you will not get any such an option in the context menu.

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