Howday, As of now, Jio is a most popular topic, Reason is, Free data & unlimited calling, After launching VoLte and LTE network in India, Jio is thinking of Fiber service. Which will be provided high-speed internet data service in India. Abusively, Jio has planned to make a neural network across India. so that, We will find a better internet speed. Now we can say about the Jio. Jio is trying to beat other companies. As well as, jio is want to make King of telecom. So, therefore, Jio has launched Jio Broadband in India, Which is on testing in Pune and Mumbai.


What is Fiber – Fiber is preferred over electrical cabling when high bandwidth, long distance, or immunity to electromagnetic interference are required. The Fiber is used by many companies to transmit mobile network, Internet communication, and cable television signal.

jio broadband

Jio Broadband Plans & Details 

Jio Fiber will work on FTTH (Fiber to home), Which will be provided a home cable broadband service. In this service, A fiber cable will be spread on till your home. which will be connected an outside box in your home. The FTTH service will work directly from operator’s. 

Jio Giga Fiber Speed Based Plans  

Jio Broadband Plans SpeedData Validity 
 1500 INR50 Mbps2000 GB30 Days
2000 INR100 Mbps1000 GB30 Days
3500 INR200 Mbps750 GB30 Days
4000 INR400 Mbps500 GB30 Days
5500 INR600 Mbps300 GB30 Days

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Monthly Volume Plans  

Jio Broadband PlansSpeedData LimitValidity 
1000 INRUnlimited 5 per/day30 Days
2000 INRUnlimited 10 per/day30 Days
3000 INRUnlimited 20 per/day30 Days
4000 INRUnlimited 40 per/day30 Days
5000 INRUnlimited 60 per/day30 Days

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Money For Value Plans 

Jio Broadband PlansSpeedData Limit Validity 
500 INR15 Mbps600 GB30 Days
500 INRN/A3.5 GB/Day30 Days
1000 INR25 Mbps500 GB30 Days
500 INR60 MbpsN/A30 Days
800 INRN/AUnlimited 30 Days

Jio Broadband Launching date 

In our imagination, Jio Fiber service will not launch across India. The service will not yet available in more cities. But after successfully launched. Fiber Become launch across India, and Jio Giga Fiber could be launch in last week of October. 


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