If you’re having trouble with Firebox and having to face a lot of issues with the firebox browser, Reinstalling might be a good decision. Once you reinstall Firebox browser, all the problems will finish itself. 

While Reinstalling the Mozilla Firebox, you can keep your data, password and as well as browser history, bookmark, and cookies. Thanks to the Mozilla Firebox team to provide us this feature. 

As we all know, the older version of Firefox doesn’t have any functionality to keep the data, therefore, You must have the latest version.

If you don’t want to take any risk regarding your data, Taking a backup before any attempt might be a good idea. You can easily take the backup of your Firebox profile. 

Just jump here: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\ Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox

Copy the profile folder and keep on the safe location. 

“AppData is a hidden folder, you can directly access using the RUN box, Open the run box and type AppData then enter.”

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Reinstall Mozilla Firebox without losing data

1: First of all, Open the Windows 10 settings and open the Apps option.

2: Under the Apps & Features find the Mozilla Firebox and click to uninstall. 

Reinstall Firebox on Windows 10 without losing any data

3: Follow all the instructions to remove the Firebox completely, don’t worry, It will not delete your crucial data such as Saved Password, bookmark, etc.

4: Next, download the latest version of Firefox Installer from the Mozilla Firebox website. 
Download Now

5: Run the Installer on your Windows 10.

6: Now, Uncheck the “Restore default settings and remove old add-ons for optimal performance” and click to Reinstall the firebox. 

Reinstall Firebox on Windows 10 without losing any data

7: Wait for a while until it finishes. 

Now you can use Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10 without and error. 

Important: If your saved data is not restored, you can manually restore your saved data using a backup profile folder. Just go to the following location (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\ Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox) and replace the profile folder with the backup folder. 

Now be happy as your data has been restored successfully.

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