How to Fix Patcher Kernel has stopped working

You might have noticed the error while starting the LoL (League Of Legends) on your PC. The Following error tells you “ Patcher Kernel has stopped working” and suddenly game stops without having started.

This problem occurs due to several reasons, If you don’t run the Game as Administrator, So It may be the cause of “ patcher kernel not working”. Besides it, It happens due to other circumstances too.

Whatever, But there are three easy solutions is here, and Shown below as follows.

Fix Patcher Kernel has stopped working

Method 1# Run Game as Administrator

It is recommended and easiest way for each user, Who were having to face. When you give admin permission to the program and starts the program as Administrator, So the program runs its operations that need.

Just Right Click on the “League of Legends” game launcher and Run as Administrator. Patcher Kernel has stopped working

That’s perfect, Enjoy If your Game is running, Otherwise try other methods.

Method 2# Restart the Game

It is one more another solution that works almost for every user. Sometimes Program gets stuck and has to need to restart completely. When We close the program through Task Manager and restart again as Administrator. So, It helps a lot somewhat to fix the “ Patcher Kernel has stopped working” error.

1. Press the Right Click on the Taskbar “or” Press the Windows+X Shortcut key, then Open the Task Manager on your PC.

2. At the Task Manager Go to the Performance tab and Right Click on the “Leauge Of Legends (LoLClient.exe)” and select End Task to close the program. Patcher Kernel has stopped working

3. Now Start your program and RUN as Administrator.

Method 3# Remove Patch File From LOL

This is also another method that helps to kick out “ Patcher Kernel” error. Only, You will have to remove some files from the Game Installation Directory.

1. Just Right Click on the Game Launcher on the Desktop and select the Open File Location.

2. Locate the Directory called “ROADS” and go inside that.

3. Now Navigate the Following Location projects > lol_air_client > releases > Latest Folder, and Delete two files “releasemanifest” and “S_OK”.

4. Once you completed it, Open the “Deploy Folder” and delete all files including Logs, META-INF,, LoLClient.exe.

Now, Start your program and play hassle free. Hopefully, These three methods are helpful for you and help you to kick out the “pvp net patcher kernel crash” error.

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