“An open sources internet censorship circumvention tool Psiphon is a combination of secure communication. After some time ago it was popular among the Android user, but as of now, it is available on Windows platform. It is specifically designed to support users in countries, Who want to access block website. It helps to you open those websites that are completely banned in colleges, office and countries. Then we can say it is working like VPN. After successful among Android users, then people also searched about Psiphon for PC”. It is officially available on PC platform by Psiphon Inc.”

Psiphon for pc:

psiphon for pc
psiphon3 for pc

User guide:

1# First thing download it from below link. It is available on Windows, Android and ios platform to download.   Psiphon for pc2# Next, You should to verify that your copy of it for windows is authentic, So how will do. Let’s follow some easy steps. 


  • First open properties by right clicking on “Psiphon3.exe” and then open “Digital signatures” and click on details.  

Psiphon for pc

  • After that, You will get “Digital signatures details”, in it click on “View certificate”.  

psiphon for pc

  • In the certificate properties, click on details, and then find “Thumbprint File” click on it and look your certificate validity.  

Psiphon for pc

3# Now click run “setup.exe”, When you run it, you should see a security prompt showing that this program is a legitimate product of Psiphon Inc, And then OK.

4# After do that application will automatically launch and connect with your selected country, If you want to change your IP address then you can choose different countries and freebies access to banned websites.  

psiphon for pc

Psiphon for pc is free VPN toll to access banned a website, It provides free and premium option, free is only personal use. Then we can say about it is one of the best VPN in market right now”  


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