How to Protect Pendrive From Virus without any software

Absolutely PenDrives are mostly used to transfer data from one to another Computer and also used to access Important data such as PDF, Document etc at anywhere. However, When we use PenDrive on such Computers or Laptops that already injured form trojan, malware, and Many Viruses, So this matter gets thinkable to Protect PenDrive From Virus.

In general when we connect the PenDrive from such Computer that has many viruses, So occurs, PenDrive gets injured from the Virus as well. By the way, To protect USB Drive from viruses many software is also available but Here, you can know, How to Protect Pendrive From Virus without any software.

How to Protect Pendrive From Virus without any software

Protect Pendrive From Virus without any software

In this Guide, We will change the PenDrive into the Read-only mode. By doing this no one can make any changes on PenDrive and also cannot Delete Files, Modify Data, Even Format the Pendrive. When PenDrive gets Read-only, So the Viruses and Malware cannot enter inside the pendrive and cannot be injured your saved data through these Viruses.

Go ahead and Read the Following steps to secure your PenDrive Data

1# First of all, Connect your PenDrive to your Computer.

2# Add some Important Data on the PenDrive that you want to share on any else device but don’t want to allow making changes on Pendrive.

3# Then Open the Command Prompt and Type the Command “Diskpart” and Hit Enter.

Command - Diskaprt

4# Diskpart opens new Command Prompt Window.

5# On the New Opened Command Prompt Window. Type the Command “list disk” and hit the Enter Button on the Keyboard.

Command - list disk

6# It shows all connected list of the Disk, Such as Hard Drive, Hard Disk, Pendrive.

7# Now Select your connected USB pendrive, To Do this Type the New following Command  “select disk 1” and Hit the Enter Button, Where “Disk 1” will be your Connected USB Pendrive.

Command - select disk (your Pendrive Disk Number)

How to Protect Pendrive From Virus without any software

8# The Disk 1 has been selected to be used.

9# Now type the New Following Command “attributes disk set readonly” and Hit Enter.

Command - attributes disk set readonly

How to Protect Pendrive From Virus without any software

10# The PenDrive has been Read-Only Disk, Now no-one can make changes in it.

11# Now Remove your PenDrive from your PC and again Connect.

12# You can check that PenDrive is Read-Only, and cannot be applied any changes on this pendrive such as cannot be deleted Data and cannot be any changed.

“Make PenDrive as Before” If Needed

In future, If you want to bring back your PenDrive as before. So, Here’re following steps to make PenDrive as Before to use. Go ahead read few easy steps.

1# Open the Command Prompt and type Command “Diskpart” and hit Enter Button.

Command - Diskpart

2# A New Command Windows will open. Type the Command “list Disk” and Hit the Enter button on your Keyboard. It is the similar process as the above-given process.

Command - list disk

3# Now type Command “select disk 1” and Hit the enter button. Where Disk 1 will be your Connected USB Pendrive.

Command - select disk (your Pendrive Disk Number)

4# Once Disk is selected, Type new Command “attributes disk clear readonly” and hit the enter button on the Keyboard.

Command - attributes disk clear readonly

5# Now the Read-only mode has been removed from the Pendrive. You’re able to use USB PenDrive as before and make the change on pendrive.

This is Really amazing Method to Protect Pendrive From Virus. Hopefully, now you can protect your Pendrive from virus and Malware.

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