If you’ve installed custom recovery and ROM, then you’re certainly familiar with Unlock Bootloader or else OEM unlock. OEM unlocking is a code, Which runs first on your android phone as soon as, When your device switch on. OEM unlocking checks it that your android system and it’s filed is correct, and then allows to run Android system, and you can use your phone. The bootloader is of two types, Lock Bootloader and Unlock Bootloader. The process of the OEM unlocking is too different on different phones, If we talk about Nexus phones then it is too easy to unlock OEM with only one click. But another device is completely vice versa. Without OEM Unlocking system is not give permissions to install Custom ROMs, but after doing that can completely install another custom ROM, processing of unlocking bootloader is very easy if you want to know then read below.

How to enable OEM unlocking

Here are few steps to enable OEM unlocking and bootloader, but keep in your mind that will until enabling this feature, till then you will not install Custom ROM. And if you will try to install ROM without enabling it then software can be the failure.

1# First open your android phone settings and then scroll down and go to about phone.  oem unlocking

2# Now tap Seven times on Build Number and go to the back. oem unlocking

3# Now you will get a new option called Developer Options above the About Phone, then open it up. oem unlocking

4# In addition developer options locate OEM unlocking then click to enable. oem unlocking

Now your Android Phone is completely able to install Custom Recover and Custom ROM, Let’s install and Enjoy. Having an “OEM unlock”  enable is, can not track device location by using Android Device Manager, When a thief has stolen your device, It is completely less point to enable it.