Kodi is open source media player software, also known as XBMC. Kodi is allowed to use streaming media. Such as TV shows, videos, music, pictures from the internet and as well as media storage. It is also available on any platforms such as Windows, Android, Linux, OS X, ios, Raspberry Pi. Which movie, TV channels and other programs do not available in our country. Certainly, it can watch in many languages and free on Kodi. When you will install Kodi on your system may you need to Kodi keyboard shortcuts keys? You should know about Kodi keyboard shortcuts that can we improve your performance. They are listed below.

kodi keyboard shortcuts
kodi keyboard shortcuts

Kodi Keyboard shortcuts: 

1. Used Alphabet Keys while the video is playing on.  

  • A – Audio delay control 
  • B – Live TV Schedule recording timer
  • C – Open playlist
  • D – Move Item Down
  • E – Live TV guide
  • F – Fast Forward
  • H – Live TV channel Windows
  • I – Information
  • P – Play
  • R – Rewind
  • S – Power Menu
  • T – Subtitle on/Off
  • X – Stop
  • Z – Zoom

2. Toggle between windowed Mode and Fullscreen 

  • While Kodi opens Full-Screen mode you can change Windowed mode by using “Shortcut key \”.

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

3. Full-Screen Playback without resume video 

  • While the video is playing on, You can easily playback by using “Shortcut key Tab”. 

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

4. Take a screenshot 

  • For Taking a screenshot press “Shortcut key Ctrl + S”. 

5. Arrow Keys

  • Ctrl + ← = Video backward
  • Ctrl + ↑ = Move Subtitle up
  • Ctrl + → =  Video Forward  
  • Ctrl + ↓ = Move subtitle down  

6. Exit Kodi

  • For close Kodi at any time use “Shortcut key Ctrl + end”

7. Jump on Home menu 

  • At any time doing any work can jump on Home by using “Shortcut key home”.

8. Exit and Back

  • You can simply Exit and Back by using “Shortcut key esc”.

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

9. Video Play & Pause 

  • By using “Shortcut space key” you can play and pause your video.

10. Delete Media from playlist 

  • If you want to remove pictures & Video from the playlist, Just follow “Shortcut key del”. 

11. Jump on media list 

  • For move on media list use “Shortcut key Shift + Enter”.

Shortcut keys for Picture 

12. For Zooming in Picture 

  • You can access Zoom in/out by using “Shortcut key +, -“.

13. For next and previous picture 

  • For next picture press “Shortcut key period ( . )” and previous press “Shortcut key comma (, )”  

14. Control Zooming level 

  • You can simply access you Zoom level by using “Shortcut key 0-9” where “0” is normal and “9” maximum. 

Specific key for windows & Mac 

15. (A) For mac user 

  • ⌘ cmd + Q to quit 
  • ⌘ cmd + H and ⌘ cmd + M to hide/minimize
  • ⌘ cmd + F to full screen 
  • ⌘ cmd + S to take a screenshot  

(B) For Windows user 

  • If you access options on windows, When Kodi is running full-screen mode, just press “Windows key” and enjoy. 

“ You can access Kodi with many shortcut key, How much could be possible, I told you. Certainly, you can use many other keys on your keyboard such as ( [, }, /, >, < etc). And you can make professional to used Kodi media player”.    


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