Useful Kodi keyboard shortcuts: The Kodi is an open-source media player software developed by XBMC Foundation and known as XBMC in the former. Kodi allows Streaming media Services Such as TV shows, videos, music, pictures, podcasts from the internet, and as well as media storage. Kodi is almost available on every platform including Windows, Android, Linux, OSX, IOS.

For convenience, We often use Keyboard Shortcuts on the Kodi. Kodi keyboard shortcuts provide functionally to use the Kodi in an easy way. Therefore, If you’re a Kodi user then you should use keyboard shortcuts. Here, you can find all the shortcuts that you can use on Kodi.

Useful Kodi Keyboard shortcuts

1. Use Alphabet Keys Shortcuts when the video is playing on.

  • A – Audio delay control
  • B – Live TV Schedule recording timer
  • C – Open playlist
  • D – Move Item Down
  • E – Live TV guide
  • F – Fast Forward
  • H – Live TV channel Windows
  • I – Information
  • P – Play
  • R – Rewind
  • S – Power Menu
  • T – Subtitle on/Off
  • X – Stop
  • Z – Zoom

2. Toggle between Kodi windowed Mode and Full-screen.

To Switch Between Kodi windowed Mode and Full-Screen, you can use ( \ ) key on the keyboard at any time when the Kodi is Running on the PC.

Here is the Screenshot of the Kodi Windowed Mode on PC 

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

3. Get Full-Screen Playback without resuming the video.

While watching the Video, You can easily access playback Media by using “Shortcut key Tab” at any time on the Keyboard. This is a really amazing feature that we miss on other Media players.

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

4. To Take a screenshot of Videos, Movies etc.

The Screenshot can be easily captured by using “Shortcut key Ctrl + S” on the Keyboard.

5. Use Arrow Keys.

1. Ctrl + ← ⇒ Video backward
2. Ctrl + ↑ ⇒ Move Subtitle up
3. Ctrl + → ⇒  Video Forward
4. Ctrl + ↓ ⇒ Move subtitle down

6. To Exit Kodi at any time. 

For Exit Kodi at any time, you can use “Shortcut key Ctrl + end” on the Keyboard.

7. Jump on Home menu. 

At any time you can jump on Home by using “Shortcut key home” on the keyboard.

8. To Exit and Back.

You can simply Exit and Back by using “Shortcut key esc” on the keyboard.

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

9. To play Video & Pause. 

By using “Shortcut key Space-Bar” you can play and pause your video.

10. For Delete Media from the playlist.

If you want to remove pictures & Video from the playlist, Just follow “Shortcut key delete” on the keyboard.

11. Jump on media list at any time. 

For move on media list use “Shortcut key Shift + Enter” on your Keyboard.

12. To get back at any time.

You can use “Shortcut key Backspace (←)” on your Keyboard to get back at any time. 

Kodi Shortcut keys for Pictures

13. Zooming in Picture.

You can access Zoom in/out by using “Shortcut key +, – ” on the keyboard.

14. For the next and previous picture.

For next picture Use “Shortcut key period ( . )” and for previous picture use “Shortcut key comma (, )”  

15. Control Zooming level. 

You can simply control Zoom level by using “Shortcut key 0-9” where “0” is normal and “9” maximum.

The specific keys for Windows & Mac

(A) For mac user

1. ⌘ cmd + Q to quit and ⌘ cmd + H
2. ⌘ cmd + M to hide/minimize
3. ⌘ cmd + F to full screen
4. ⌘ cmd + S to take a screenshot  

(B) For Windows user

To access Windows options, When the Kodi is running in full-screen mode, just press  “Windows key” on your Keyboard and enjoy.

You can control Kodi with many Kodi keyboard shortcuts key. How much could be possible, I told, You can use many other keys on your keyboard to remains control over the Kodi Media player.