“Howdy, One day I was working on the internet by using Jio net and then speed was too low to connect. After that am facing problem and searching result on the web,  get reading more article I found that everything continues the same topic. Everybody completely failed to the distinguishing problem. After thinking, thoughts come to mind to call Customer care and then called him, after parlance got to know that it is Jio APN settings problem, After improving it, I got fast internet. If you’re facing the same problem as me, then follow a similar idea to solve it. So let’s continue read below.”

Jio APN settings:

“An access point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GSM and GPRS, 4G or 3G network. To make data connection must be important APN setting, without it data connectivity is too low to connect.”  

Configure Jio APN settings  & Jio internet settings, by using some steps,

1# First open “phone settings”, and then open “Cellular Network” option, may be possible, some such settings can different on your phone, and then try to open Caller Network. 

jio apn settings 2# After do that, You will get SUBS setting”, Where locate Access Point Names” and then open it.

jio apn settings

3# Here you can see “Access Point” and then click on “⊕” button to make new APN”. 

  • Name – Jio 4G
  • APN – jionet 
  • Authentication Type – PAP or CHAP 
  • APN type – default,supl 
  • APN Protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6
  • APN roaming Protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6
  • Bearer – Unspecified 
  • MVNO type – None 
  • Save  

jio apn settings

4# Now go back to Cellular Network” and switch on data roaming, and then switch on Flight mode for 4-6 sec, after off it waits until network come. Try to connect internet and Enjoy. 

jio apn settings

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“If your Jio APN settings” problem does not solve right now, and the connection is low, then call the customer care and tell him about your problem, I hope your problem will have been solved soon.” 


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