“Howdy”, Computer Drivers is the life of the computer, When computer driver does not update then the computer does not give a good performance. The event of the driver updating we make. Often we use many tricks to updating driver and to used many software called driver booster we download it. But they are not available for free sale, Everything is paid.  However, we can use it without any wasting money. I have a good trick to activate free iobit driver booster, Let’s follow some below steps, and enjoy it.

iobit driver booster
Iobit Driver booster

Iobit Driver Booster……………..

1. First thing download driver booster “Here” and install it up.

iobit driver booster

2. After installing is completed, Open Iobit driver booster application and wait until scanning will be not done. 

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3. Then disconnect your internet and click on “Enter License” and add some following Keys, then activate button.

  • C785F-7D5C0-6201A-FE3F4
  • 5D5BF-CBC8B-6A5B0-29FF4
  • BEFC7-782AD-EDC3A-3F6F4
  • F6270-27561-BD778-486F4
  • 98A4E-EC7E7-4F113-D92F4
  • 53A66-5D157-A79BC-356F4
  • 3301A-AE685-D9D9C-043F4

iobit driver booster

4. Now go to the Windows>System32>Drivers>etc>host.

iobit driver booster

5. This opens file explorer, Then open Host file with notepad and add some following lines and save it. 

iobit driver booster

6. Then you will download  “Block.bat”  and run as administrator. “Download Here” and enjoy your Iobit driver booster free. 

“An Iobit driver booster is one of the best driver booster, which gives a cool work and always gives notification for updating drivers, Perhaps the driver booster it’s really good rather very amazing for windows user. When windows driver will always up to date then windows would like very good performance”.


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