Sometimes when we unable to connect Nexus 6P Device to the Windows PC, That occurs to cause of missing “Nexus 6P drivers” on the Windows. It often happens when we are trying to connect the device to windows to do work over the ADB via a USB connection. If you’re trying but not able to connect Nexus 6P device with your PC. Don’t worry, We will teach you how to do it.

How to Install Nexus 6P drivers on the Microsoft Windows

Install Nexus 6P drivers on the Windows

This problem can be easily fixed after installing Google USB driver on Windows, and the Google officially distributes google USB driver to Fix this bugs and the Google USB driver work very well with Nexus devices to connect with PC. Thanks to Google USB driver.

Step-by-step Install Nexus 6P Drivers on Windows:

1. First of all, Download Google USB Driver Zip file from the below link and Unzip & Extract it on your PC into any Folder on Desktop.

  • Download Google USB Driver – Here 

2. Open Android Device Settings and enable USB debugging under the Developer option.

3. Connect your Nexus 6P device to your PC.

4. Now, Open the Device Manager on the windows by using Win+X on the keyboard.

5. In Device Manager find the Nexus 6P Device under the Other Devices, It is also possible, that Windows shows the different name of the Connected device such as Nexus 6P, PCI Device or etc.

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6. Right Click on the Connected Nexus 6P device and jump to Update Driver option.

7. Go to the Following location under the Updating Nexus 6P Drivers.
⇒Browse My Computer>Let me Pick from a List>Next>Have Disk>Browse>Google USB Driver

8. In Google USB Driver folder select android_winusb (*.inf) and click to open button.

How to Install Nexus 6P drivers on the Microsoft Windows

9. After that, Select Android ADB Interface inside the Model and click to next.

How to Install Nexus 6P drivers on the Microsoft Windows

10. Then, Windows will ask you and take your permissions to install this “Nexus 6P drivers” on the Windows, you will keep on to complete this setup and accept it.

Now the Nexus 6P Drivers have been installed on your Windows and the Device is able to Connect to your PC. If it is not working yet. Probably, You have finished everything step-by-step and then again repeat the same process, may something change at this time.


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