Dolby Atmos is one of the Best Sound Equalizer for Android Devices that enhance the Audio performance and gives a better Music Experience. Dolby Atmos mostly comes pre-installed on Xiaomi Smartphones but not on other smartphones devices. Now these days, Lot of smartphone brands that use Custom UI, Provides their own Sound Equalizer that really works extremely well. Whatever, If you’re looking to Install Dolby Atmos without Root on your Android Device, So Here’s How to do.

How to Install Dolby Atmos without Root on Android Device

Install Dolby Atmos without Root on Android

Before We proceed, You must know that the TWRP Recovery must be installed on your Android Device. It is necessary therefore as without TWRP Recovery can’t be flashed a Dolby Atmos Zip File. However, You can Install Dolby Atmos APK File on your Android Device but It doesn’t work properly, So It’s not worthwhile.

Here is ⇒ How to Install TWRP Recovery without Root

Download Dolby Atmos Installer Zip File ⇒ Here

1. First of all, Boot your Android Device on TWRP Recovery Mode.

2. Once Device gets booted in TWRP Recovery Mode, Just Go to Install tab on the TWRP Recovery mode.

3. Now Select your” file from the Device Storage and Click to Install.

4. After a couple of seconds, It will be installed successfully on your Android Device.

5. Now Reboot your Android Device and check your Installed Application.

6. Open the Dolby Atmos on your Android Device and take enjoy.

Dolby Atmos provides you Different Music tracks along with customization track system. You can change your Music mode into the Rock, Jazz, Treble, Bass, Club mode etc.

“In future, If you would like to remove Dolby Atmos from your Android Device. So, you will have to flash a Dobly Atmos uninstaller Zip file as the above method.” You can follow the above-mentioned steps to install this one as well.

Download Dolby Atmos file ⇒ Here