“While working in MS world, We face a situation of type Indian Rupee symbol in Word. Indian Rupee is written as Rs when we are working on Keyboard, but often we don’t know, How many types to type Indian Rupee symbol in word, By the way, many methods are here, but mostly used should know. So if you want to decipher, How to type Indian Rupee symbol in word, so, therefore, let’s know further.” 

Easy Ways to type Indian rupee symbol in word:

First Method #

“You can type Indian rupee symbol by using “Symbol” and shortcut key Alt + X, Hold Alt + 20B9, having the shortcut you can insert character without symbol box.”

 rupee symbol

Second Method #

“Insert Indian rupee symbol by using character map”, You can insert Symbol from Character Map in Word. Simply search Character Map on your windows and then open it up, Now check the Advanced View tab and go to Unicode and Enter Following code 20B9 then click on select and copy it and paste in word.”  

 rupee symbol

Third Method #

“Insert character by Using Font, Simply download Rupee font and install it, Open your MS word and select your font then press backquote key on the keyboard.  

 rupee symbol

Download Font

Fourth Method #

“By using Numeric keys, Simply in MS word Hold Alt + 8377 and get Rupees symbol. It is very easy and Good method and easy to use.”  

 rupee symbol

Fifth Method #

“If Indian Rupees Key is available on your Keyboard then you can simply insert the character by using following keys such as Ctrl + Alt + ₹ or else Ctrl + Alt + 4.”


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