IDMGCEXT.crx IDM extension for chrome: When the matter comes of downloading then IDM is recalled, Reason is 10X super high speed downloading, Which is better than from other Downloader too. It is also called as Internet Download Manager. Where other software such as google chrome and Mozilla Firebox offers a better speed, but they all anytime spoil our downloading file, but this thing is not in IDM.

However, Here we’ll discuss IDM extension for chrome. When IDMGCEXT.crx gets remove from Google Chrome Extension Directory, then IDM Extension gets corrupted. From this cause, We’re not able to Download youtube videos and other Data. Albeit If your IDM extension (IDMGCEXT.crx File) has been removed from your Gooogle chrome, So, here you can get the solution to add IDM Extension for Chrome. IDMGCEXT.crx Download

Enable IDM Extension for Chrome with IDMGCEXT.crx

Method 1#

Note ⇒ If you’re thinking to Download IDMGCEXT.crx to Enable IDM extension for chrome. Therefore, You must know that IDMGCEXT.crx is not downloadable file, It’s Extension CRX file that already stored in IDM installation Directory. So, You can get IDMGCEXT.crx file inside the IDM Installation Directory but if you have to download As well, So, you can do it from given the link below.

IDM chrome extension crx download ⇒ Here

Warning: This can Hurt your Browser, Try to Consider use it. 

1# First, Open your IDM settings, then General settings and make sure all capture downloads box should be check. It’ll allow capturing of all downloads Link.

IDMGCEXT.crx download for IDM Extension  2# After Complete this setup, Go to the Following Location:
C>Program Files (×86)>Internet Download manager>IDMGCExt.crx

IDMGCEXT.crx download for IDM Extension

3# Now Open your Chrome Browser and Dropdown the IDMGCExt.crx file on the Chrome extension Root directory. After that Click on Add Extension and then enjoy.

IDMGCEXT.crx download for IDM Extension

Method #2

If the previous method is not working, then follow this Method.

1# Go to the C>Program Files (×86)>Internet Download manager>Copy “IDMEdgeExt” folder and paste on Desktop.

IDMGCEXT.crx download for IDM Extension
2# Then open the pasted folder and delete the folder called “metadata”.

IDMGCEXT.crx download for IDM Extension
3# Now Open your chrome browser and then extension menu and select Developer mode then click on Load Unpacked Extension.

IDMGCEXT.crx download for IDM Extension

4# Now add IDMEdgeExt folder here and enable your IDM extension for chrome.

In case, If both methods do not work, Simply clear all Browser data and Reinstall IDM. In other words, You can again install IDM, if still not working yet.

Hopefully, IDM Extension is working properly.