How To Use Command Prompt on Windows 10, 8 and 7

Command Prompt is the useful utility of Windows NT Family and also known as CMD and almost comes with every Windows versions. Command Prompt provides you command line interface to operate the all windows system settings and function. However, there is a lot of useful things that we can do on the command prompt such as Cleaning, Formatting, Resetting, Creating new Files and Folder etc.

Whatever, If you’re not familiar with CMD and want to about the Command Prompt. So, Here We will teach you, How to use Command Prompt on Windows operating system.

1. How to Open Command Prompt

You can open Command Prompt on Windows using various ways, Here are the few ways.

1. Open the Start menu and Search CMD and Open it.

2. Open RUN Box (Press Windows+R key) and type CMD, Hit Enter Button.

3. Press Windows+X key (only on Windows 10,8) then Open Command Prompt.

2. How To Use Command Prompt

By the way, To use Command Prompt is not complex, Only You should Know Commands.

Network Diagnostics

1. “Ping” Command

The ping command is used to verify that the computer can communicate with another network device or computer. Whenever You type the Command ping hostname/IP on the command prompt, So It sends the packages to the destination server/computer and waiting for a response.

Command Example: ping “or” ping

2. “Ipconfig” Command

This is widely used for gathering your Local Computer Network Information including IPv4, IPv6, Netmask, Subnet Mask, Gateway etc.

Command Example: ipconfig

To Check the Ipconfig help type the Command ipconfig/? and hit enter. It will show you all helpful options for ipconfig command.

3. “Hostname” Command

The is an easy command to check the Local Machine Hostname by typing the Hostname command on the Command Prompt.

Command Examples: hostname

4. “Getmac” command

This command used to find the Local Machine mac address.

5. “nslookup” Command

It is used to check the DNS Record entry on the local machine.

ShutDown Command

1. “shutdown –s –t 1800” Command

This command is used to set the Shutdown timer, Here 1800 mean 30 Minutes, So you prefer according to you, and change the Time value to start shutDown.

2. “shutdown/?” command

It will show you all useful options for Shutdown command.

Reset User Password

1. “net user” command

This command is used to know all Windows usernames.

2. “net user username *” command

This command allows you to reset the windows user password. Here “username” is your PC username. Just type the Command and Hit enter, It will ask to enter the new password.

Change Command Prompt Color

1. “Color 0A” Command ⇒ Black Background and Light Green text

2. “Color 1B” Command ⇒ Blue Background and Light Aqua text

How to use Command Prompt

Few Color Commands Examples:

  • 0 = Black
  • 1 = Blue
  • 2 = Green
  • 3 = Aqua
  • 4 = Red
  • 5 = Purple
  • 6 = Yellow
  • 7 = White
  • 8 = Gray
  • 9 = Light Blue
  • A = Light Green
  • B = Light Aqua
  • C = Light Red
  • D = Light Purple
  • E = Light Yellow
  • F = Bright White

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Other Useful Commands

1. “driverquery” ⇒ Check all Windows Drivers List

2. “sfc/scannow” ⇒ Scan all System Files

3. “assoc” ⇒ Check Windows Default Programs

4. “cd” ⇒ Navigate the Directory (Example: cd Desktop)

5. “Dir” ⇒ Get all Folder and Files list of the current Directory

6. “ren” ⇒ Change the File and Folder name (Example Command: ren file/folder Name NewFile/FolderName)

7. “date” ⇒ Check System Data and Time

8. “Diskpart” ⇒ Open Diskpart

9. “list disk” ⇒ Check all Hard Drive List

10. “clean” ⇒ Clean Selected hard Drive

11. “Format fs=ntfs” ⇒ Format the selected Drive

12. “Format fs=ntfs quick ⇒ Format the selected Drive

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