The VLC Media player is one of the best Media players for Windows, and this is the most common choice of Windows users. VLC gives a good and smooth video experience without any lack. 

Like other software, VLC is updated from time to time to improve the users’ experience. VLC is a free open-source media player developed by the VideoLAN project. To use the latest features you should always update VLC media player. 

However, VLC checks updates automatically when you connect with the Internet. Sometimes, due to any kind of error, it doesn’t automatically check. You can force VLC to check for update, Here how’s. 

Upgrade VLC into new Version

If might be good, If you check the VLC media player version before any attempt. You can check your VLC Media player version and ensure that It has been updated otherwise not. If you’re not using the latest version then you can update it into the latest version. 

Here how to check.

1# First of all, Open the VLC Media player on your PC.

2# Next, Go to the Help option and then About.

How to Update VLC Media Player into New Version

3# Now, Check your version and ensure that this is the latest otherwise not. 

How to Update VLC Media Player into New Version

Update VLC Media Player Manually

1# Open the VLC Media player on your computer.

2# On the opened VLC Media player Window, Go to the Help section and check for Update.

3# It will check for the latest update and give you a suggestion if an update is available to be installed. Just click OK and download the new version of VLC and install it on your PC.

If you always use latest version of VLC, you’ll get hassle free experience. 

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