On Windows 10, Internet Explorer is changed into Microsoft Edge, However, If We would say, Microsoft Edge is a redesigned version of Internet Explorer. Though, Microsoft Edge is way more secure and fast as well as the feature-loaded. Like Windows 8 and 7, Internet Explorer is also available on Windows 10 right now, but none use it. 

Most of the users use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and, Some such users are also, Who use Microsoft Edge.

If you want to get rid of Microsoft Edge, In simple words, want to uninstall Edge browser from your Windows 10. So, Here how’s. 

Remove Microsoft Edge Browser

Important: Microsoft Edge is a Part of Windows 10, You should think about it before removing it from your computer. Edge uninstalling decisions might affect the stability of the operating system.  

You will need to download a script to completely remove the Microsoft Edge from your Windows 10. This Script is written by “Winaero” and available to be downloaded. 

1. First of all download Uninstalling Script – Download Now

2. Once Downloading is finished, Extract the zip folder on your Desktop.

3. Inside the Extracted folder you will get two files, Run the File named “Uninstall Edge” on your PC. (Right Click on the “Uninstall Edge” and Run as Administrator.

How to Uninstall Edge 4. Wait for a while until It finishes.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge

5. Now, Restart your PC to complete this process. 

I hope, You did successfully Uninstall Edge Browser from your PC. 

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