If you’ve installed Avast antivirus on your Windows 10 machine, but now you want to uninstall avast because it bothers you. In this guide, we will walk you through how to uninstall Avast antivirus.

Antivirus is important but is it worth using on Windows 10? The Answer is not very important because Windows security already exists to protect your PC from malware. Although third-party antivirus is advanced, they slow our computer and sometimes remove important program files without our permission.

Antivirus can cause your programs and games not to run. If antivirus finds any suspicious file in the program, it removes immediately that can cause an error.

Since you’ve installed Avast antivirus, you’re having problems. In this case, you can uninstall avast from your Windows 10 PC.

Uninstall Avast antivirus

Here are the few easy steps below as follows, Go through all the steps and uninstall Avast from Windows 10.

  1. First of all, open the Windows 10 settings using a shortcut key “Windows+I”.
  2. In the settings, select the Apps > Apps & Features.
  3. Here, you get a list of the installed programs. You can either search the program by name or sort the list.
  4. Find the Avast antivirus program.
  5. Click the Avast antivirus programs, and then click the uninstall button to uninstall avast.
how to uninstall avast antivirus
  1. A new “Avast Free Antivirus” window will appear, click the uninstall button, and then OK.
how to uninstall avast antivirus
  1. Once it is finished, you will be asked to restart your computer.
  2. Either click the Restart computer or Restart later, as you want.

Now Avast doesn’t exist on your Windows 10 computer. You can repair your programs and games.

Sometimes you could not uninstall avast antivirus.

If you’re trying to uninstall avast from Windows 10, but you’re having trouble. You’re getting the message “You don’t have the correct authority to remove” on your computer screen.

You tried to log in as administrator in Windows 10, but still, you can’t remove avast.

In this situation, you can use Avastclear uninstall utility. This is a program by Avast that lets your remove the avast antivirus from your PC.

Remove Avast using AvastClear tool

  1. First of all, download Avastclear uninstall utility.
  2. Next, Start the Windows in safe mode. If you don’t know how to boot Windows in safe mode, then you can read this guide: 4 easy ways to start the Windows in safe mode
  3. Once you’re in safe mode, run the Avastclear program on your PC.
  4. If you had installed the Avast in a different folder rather than the default, then you can browse the folder where you installed it.
  5. Next, click the remove button to delete the avast antivirus folder. Deleting the folder will uninstall avast antivirus.
  6. Once it is finished, restart your computer.

To exit the Safe mode, press “Windows+R” to open run box, and then type msconfig and hit enter. This opens the system configuration, navigate the boot tab, and uncheck the safe boot option. Restart your PC.

I hope, You’ve successfully uninstalled avast antivirus from your computer. It is not recommended to not use the antivirus protection on the PC, it is very crucial. Antivirus protects your PC against malware, spyware, keylogger, etc.