How to Unhide files and folders in Windows 10

There are a lot of files and folders are hidden inside the Windows operating system, these files and folder aren’t used most of the times. Therefore, We don’t need these files and folders normally. Sometimes, We need to access some hidden files and folders, then we are to unhide files and folders. 

Unhide Files and Folders in Windows 10

1: First of all, Open the “File Explorer” using the Windows+E shortcut key on your keyboard. 

2: Next, Go to the “This PC” and open the disk partition where files and folders are hidden. 

3: Now, Click on view option and then check the Hidden Items box. 

Unhide files and folders in Windows 10

4: This will show you all hidden files and folders of the current disk partition. 

5: Now, Right-click on the file or folder that you want to unhide. 

6: Open its properties. 

7: On the Properties Window, uncheck the “Hidden” box under the Attributes.

Unhide files and folders in Windows 10

8: Next Apply and OK.

9: Now your Files and folder aren’t hidden.

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