3 Easy way to Disable & Turn Off sticky keys in Windows 10

If you just enabled Sticky keys on your Windows 10 and didn’t like to use. So It’s obvious, you might have thought to Disable & Turn Off sticky keys in your Windows 10. In general, many times we use keyboard shortcuts to access the Windows functions.

However, Sticky keys help to use shortcut keys, without pressing all keys together at one stage. For Example – If you have to press Ctrl+Shift+Del, So you can press all keys one by one without having released Ctrl and Shift key on your Keyboard.

Whatever, If you want to Disable sticky keys on Windows 10, So here is something for you

Disable & Turn Off sticky keys in Windows 10

Here, We have mentioned 3 easy methods to Disable and Turn off Sticky key. You can use only one method that you like and also easy to use for you.

Method 1# Using Shortcut key

As you had enabled Sticky keys using Shortcut Key. Similarly, you can Disable sticky keys using shortcut key on your keyboard. Go ahead and read few steps.

1. We enable Sticky key by pressing 5 times “Shift key”, Exactly like this, You have to press 6 times “Shift key” to Turn off sticky key.

2. You can also Disable Sticky key using Ctrl+Shift” shortcut key.

If the Sticky key is enabled on your Windows, So When you will press any Two Keys simultaneously on your keyboard. So Sticky keys will be turn off automatically.

Method 2# Using Ease Of Access Settings

1. First of all, Press the Shortcut Key “Win+I” on your keyboard to open system settings.

2. Then, Go to the Ease of Access settings, and open it.

3. Now Go to the Keyboard Settings under the Interaction and Turn off sticky keys.

How to Turn Off sticky keys

4. You Sticky Key has been disabled successfully.

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Method 3# Using Control Panel

As we all know that the Control Panel provides management to view and change system settings on Windows operating system. So, It is a good utility to Disable Sticky key.

1. First of all, Open the Control Panel and go to the Ease of Access settings.

2. Then Open the Keyboard Settings and turn off sticky key.

How to Turn Off sticky keys

3. Here, You can Enable and Disable Sticky key as well.

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