How to Turn Off Notification on Windows 10

Sometimes notifications create a disturbance when you are doing your important work. However, Windows 10 offers you to disable all of them with one click. You can turn off notification for individual apps, or you can turn off notification on Windows 10 for all the apps with one click switch.

How to Turn off All Notification

1. You can use Windows 10 settings to disable all the Notification with a one-click switch. To open the Windows 10’s settings simply press the “Windows+I” shortcut key on your keyword.

2. Navigate System>Notification & actions.

3. Now, Simply to disable notification for all the apps, Switch off the “Get notifications from apps and other senders” button.

How to Turn Off Notification on Windows 10

4. This will turn off notifications on Windows 10 for all the apps and senders.

How to Disable Notification for Individual Apps

1. Windows 10’s settings allow you to turn off notification for individual apps. You can disable the notification for each app from which you don’t want to receive notifications.

2. Open the Windows 10’s settings and navigate the System>Notification & actions.

3. Scroll down and go to the “Get notification from these senders”.

How to Turn Off Notification on Windows 10

4. Here you can disable notification for Individual apps. Simply switch off the notification button of the app. Windows prevents that app from showing notifications on the Action center.

These two methods are really easy to use to turn off windows 10 notifications. I hope you have done this. Having said that, Some apps can still show you the notification then you can simply dismiss that notification.

How to Temporarily Disable Notifications

You can temporarily turn off notifications, Windows 10 has a feature named “Focus Assist” formerly “Quiet Hours”. Microsoft had changed this name in the April 2018 fall Creator Update.

When you enable “Focus Assist”, this temporarily disable all the notification on your system. You can set and customize priority time when you don’t want to receive notifications on your system during that time. You can go to the Settings>System>Focus Assist to customize active hours.

disable Notification on Windows 10

To activate this feature, simply go to the Action Center(Action center is located at the right side of the Taskbar end) and click on the “Focus Assist” to enable this, during the default set time you will not receive any notification.

How to Disable Notification on Lock Screen

If you don’t want to see a notification on Windows 10 lock screen, You can disable Lock Screen notifications using Windows 10’s settings. Simply, Go to the Settings>System>Notifications & actions and disable notification on the Lock Screen by unchecking the “Show notifications on Lock Screen” option.

turn off windows 10 notifications

By unchecking the “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows” option will prevent showing the system advertisement notifications on your system. If you want to make it disable too then disable this.

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Using these easy methods you can turn off notifications on Windows 10, I hope these are easy for you to use. You can disable notification on the Lock screen or for the individual apps. Hopefully, notifications will not disturb you again.

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