Windows 10 High Contrast functionality lets you enable the Contrast mode, it’s like a type of Dark Mode but users don’t prefer to use. If High Contrast is enabled, and you want to turn it off because you don’t like it. Here you can get three easy methods.

Method 1:

Disable High Contrast Mode using Windows Settings

1: First of all, Open the Windows Settings and go to the Ease of Access.

2: Now under the vision options jump on the High Contrast option.

How to Turn off High Contrast in Windows 10

3: Now, Turn off this Mode.

Method 2:

Using Shortcut Key

Shortcut keys are always useful to make things happen in seconds. You can use the Alt+Left Shift+Print Screen shortcut key to Turn on and Turn off High Contrast in Windows 10.

Method 3:

Using Lock Screen 

You can turn off high contrast through the lock screen, just simply press the Windows Logo+L shortcut key to lock your PC.

On the lock screen go to the Ease Of Access and Disable it, It’s simple. 

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