On the Previous Operating Systems, We never had to face the Auto-Updating issue, When we needed to Disable Windows update, So we could do it easily. But it’s not in Windows 10, As we all know Windows 10 is more Better and secure but its auto-updating tendency consumes a lot of internet data, then We need to Stop Windows 10 Update.

However, On the Windows 10, Disabling auto-updating is the little complex for the normal user, but not an impossibility. On the Windows 10, You can Disable your Windows 10 auto Update after killing the Windows Update Service. So, How can Do it, Let’s Begin.

Stop Windows 10 update with Easy steps

1# First of all, Open the search box and Type Services on the search box. It shows Services Desktop app where all services are Running, Now open it up.

How to Stop Windows 10 Update

2# This opens “Services” where you can Start and Stop all the Windows Services.

3# Now, Scroll Down and go to the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and open its properties using twice Click.

4# Then, Open start type services and set it in Disabled mode. It’ll disable all background Intelligent Transfer Services of Local Computer.

5# Now, Stop the Service status and after that press the apply button. It will automatically stop all Background Intelligent Transfer Sevices of the Local Computer.

How to Stop Windows 10 Update


6# Similarly, We’ll turn off automatic updates, Now Scroll Down and Go to Windows Update service and open its properties using double Click.

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7# Then set Service Start Type in Disable Mode.

8# Now Stop the Service status and after that press the apply button. As you already know it will Stop Windows 10 Update services and give you relief from auto-updating.

How to Stop Windows 10 Update

9# Open Windows settings and Go to Windows Update” and check to ensure. Hopefully, It will show Retry message repeatedly and (0×80070422) error as well.

10# You’ll get a message, There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80070422).

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In future, If you want to Enable Windows 10 Update, So you can Start these two services and download and install new Windows 10 update on your PC. Windows Update is necessary as it helps to keep secure windows from Malware and trojans. Microsoft Releases security updates in each month, At least you should update your Windows 10 within every two months.


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