How To Stop Windows 10 Notifications

Notification disturbs us a lot, especially when we’re doing some important work. Thanks to Microsoft to provide a one-click solution to stop notifications in Windows 10. You can disable notification either for all apps or individual apps in Windows 10.

How to Stop All Notifications in Windows 10

This is a one-click solution you can use. Only, you have to open the Windows 10’s settings, and then find the Notification settings, click the toggle button to disable all the Notifications.

Here are the steps to do this.

Open the Windows 10’s settings using Windows+I shortcut keys, then navigate to System > Notifications & actions.

Under the Notification, you get “Get notifications from apps and other senders” option, click the toggle off button to stop Windows 10 Notifications.

how to stop Windows 10 notifications

This will disable all the Notification in Windows 10.

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How to Stop Individual App Notifications

You can decide which app can notify you and which app cannot. You can disable individual apps notification in Windows 10.

Open the Windows 10’s settings, and then navigate to System > Notifications & actions. Under the “Get notifications from these senders,” you get a list of the installed apps. Here you can select the app which you don’t want to allow to send the notifications.

how to stop Windows 10 notifications

Windows will prevent that app from showing the notification in the action center.

You can use this option to disable the notifications for those apps that use the traditional Windows notification method. Apps using the custom notification will continue to show the notification in the action center.

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How to Temporarily Stop Notifications

There is an option in Windows 10, namely “focus assist” that lets you mute the notifications; this is something like “Do not disturb” mode. Focus assist was known as the “Quiet Hours” before the 2018 fall creators update; later, Microsoft changed the name into focus assist.

how to stop Windows 10 notifications

To use this feature, click the Action center button on the right side of the taskbar. If all the options are collapsed, click the expand, find the Focus assist, click the focus assist to turn on “Priority only,” mode, click once more to enable the alarm only mode.

“Priority Mode” only displays the notification of the apps listed in the priority list; you can customize this list. And, alarm mode will stop all the notifications in Windows 10 except the alarm.

Right-click the focus assist option and go to the settings, and then customize the Focus assist settings, as you want to customize.

I hope these three methods let you stop Windows 10 notifications easily. It would be best to use the Focus assist option to disable the notifications. If you block all the notification, then you may lose some important notifications.

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