How to Root Bluestacks 3 and Bluestacks 2 on PC


How to Root Bluestacks How to Root Bluestacks: Bluestacks is a famous android Emulator to RUN Android apps on Windows or Mac, Like Android device, users are assuming, that Can be Root Bluestacks, It’s true otherwise not.

Let me be clear, How it is possible.

Rooted Bluestack, It is, therefore, possible because Bluestacks is an Android Emulator that works like Android Device to run apps and games on Windows or Mac. Although, Android Rooting is possible so well, So, Bluestacks Rotting Why not? How to Root Bluestacks.

How to Root Bluestacks: Step-by-step Guide

Root Bluestacks 2

If you’re Bluestacks 2 user and need to Root Bluestack 2 app player, then you don’t need to do any other thing, It can be Rooted, by using KingoRoot app. KingoRoot is also famous for Root Android 5.1.1 on Android.

Download KingoRoot android app and install on your Bluestacks app player to Root Bluestacks. KingoRoot will take some time to Root Bluestcks 2 android Emulator.

Download KingoRoot Android app – Here

Root Bluestacks 3

This method works on all Bulestack latest app player to make a Rooted Bluestacks.

1# For accessing the Root on Bluestack, We need a BSTweaker app.

Download BSTweaker application – Here

BSTweaker (BlueStacksTweaker) is a Windows application that helps to Root Bluestack app player on PC. We can do more thing with Bluestacks after Root Bluestacks.

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2# Run BlueStacksTweaker on your PC as Administrator.

3# In BluestacksTweaker visit on the Helpers section and Click on the Unlock(Multi) button but at this time, Bluestack should not be Running on PC. ( In the main section click to Full Stop BS to stop Bluestacks completely on PC)

How to Root Bluestacks

How to Root Bluestacks

4# Once Unlock(Multi) process has been done, RUN Bluestacks on Your PC.

5# Now, Go back on the Helpers section and click on the Patch button after that Bluestacks will be rooted in just a few seconds.

How to Root Bluestacks6# Download SuperSU latest Android app from Play Store on the Blustacks app player.

7# Run SuperSU app and do a complete setup.
SuperSU is an Android application that takes your permission to allow Root on apps. In additional, SuperSU Zip File is used to Root Android 6.0.1 and 7.1.1.

8# Now, Download Root Checker from Play Store and Verify Root access.

How to Root Bluestacks

Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device and the mission of Root Bluestacks has been completed, Take Enjoy of Real Android Experience on Emulator.


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