How to Factory Reset Windows 10

If your PC is running on Windows 10 for a long time; Some problems including the taskbar not working, start menu not working, windows won’t shut down, etc. start coming out. The computer will not work properly, and this will make you angry. If the computer started showing you some unexpected errors, So it’s time to factory reset Windows 10.

You might also want to factory reset your Windows 10 computer if you’re upgrading to a new PC or selling to someone. Of course, you don’t want to give anyone your private data as a bonus with a computer. So before you do anything, you should first reset the computer.

Therefore, it is important because resetting Windows 10 will reset all the settings to the factory state, clean your PC, and reinstall the operating system. This process takes some time but makes your PC smoother than ever. Hence, you should factory reset Windows 10.

Factory Reset Windows 10

  1. First of all, open Windows settings by using the “Windows+I” shortcut key on your keyboard.
  2. Next, select the Update & Security.
  3. Under the Update & Security, navigate to the Recovery section.
  4. To start resetting the PC, click the “Get Started.”
How to Reset Windows 10 To the Factory State
  1. This opens the “Reset this PC” window, where Windows gives you two options to either select Keep my files or Remove Everything. You may take the backup of important files and proceed with the Remove Everything option as it is recommended if the PC is not working well.

You can keep your Files, if it is normal factory reset.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10
  1. Windows will start getting things ready and show you current settings. You can change settings if you want, but keep in mind only Remove all files from the Drive where Windows is installed, don’t choose other drives. All the data from other drives will remain safe if you only select Windows Drive.
Factory Reset Windows 10
  1. Once you have checked all settings, click the Next, and then you’re ready to Reset your PC. Click the Reset button to start the process.
windows 10 factory reset
  1. Windows will restart automatically and start resetting the PC. During this process, Windows will restart several times. Once Windows is reset, you can configure all the settings.

How to Reformat Windows 10 From Recovery Mode

If you’re unable to boot your computer and need to factory reset Windows 10. So, the following steps will walk you through the way to reset Windows using advanced startup options.

Before you follow the steps, you need to boot Windows 10 in recovery mode. So, first do this, then.

  1. First of all, start Windows in safe mode.
  2. Once you’re in recovery mode, select the Troubleshoot from the options screen.
  3. Then, select Reset this PC.
  4. Now, either select “Keep my files” or “Remove everything.” If you’re resetting to the factory state, then select “Remove anything.”

Once you do this, Windows will restart and reset itself. This will take some time, so be patient.

I hope you’ve successfully reset Windows 10 to the factory state. Now enjoy your windows computer without any problem. After every year, you should reset your PC without losing data; this helps the computer remains fast.

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