Guys, If you want to reset Windows 10 password without knowing the current password, So, here is the complete tutorial to Reset Windows 10 Local user account password. This method is only applicable for Local user account, You can’t reset Microsoft user account password. 

Important: This method works when you logged in Local User account, without logging in, It’s not easy to reset Windows 10 password. Hence, You should already be logged in your Local computer. 

This method is not any kind of hack, It’s a simple way to change Windows 10 password without the current password. I hope, you better understood. 

Reset Windows 10 User Account Password

Method First#

1# First of all, Open the Command Prompt Admin, Just Press “Windows+X” shortcut key on your Keyboard and open Command Prompt Admin. 

2# Next, Enter the Command “net user username *” and hit the enter button on your keyboard.
If you want to check many users are on the computer, just run the command “net user” and hit the enter button. 

Reset Windows 10 Local User Account Password

“Replace username with your Local Account User Name”

3# Once you successfully run the command. It will ask to enter the new password, Simply Enter the new password two times and close the Command Prompt. 

4# Now you successfully changed your Windows 10 password, Just Enjoy.

Method Second#

1# Press the “Windows+X” shortcut key on your keyboard and open “Computer Management”.

2# Now, Navigate the “Local Users and Groups”.

Reset Windows 10 Local User Account Password

3# Under the “Local users and groups” go to the “Users”

4# Find the username, whose password you want to change.

5# Right-click on the username and go to the “Set Password” option. 

6# Next, Proceed.

7# Enter the New Password and hit OK.

Reset Windows 10 Local User Account Password

8# Now you can log in with your New Password. 

Hopefully, This Guide is helpful for you.

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