Laptops are really a handy asset for all those users who prefer to work mostly outdoors. Whether you are a journalist or a writer, you would indeed need a system which you can conveniently carry around for your ease.

Now HP laptops are carved with finest edges with remarkable appearance and screen resolution. It has been hiking the IT sectors and computer market for a very long period, thus it is very difficult to find a replacement for this spectacular model, and if you have used it even for once you would surely know it. So if you ever get locked out of your own HP laptop which you are so dependent upon, then you can simply imagine what a terrible problem it would bring along. You won’t be able to access any of your files and folders, media files, etc. and you will be totally doomed without any access to your own personal data.

But you need not panic; there are various ways out of which few important ones are elaborated below to reset your HP laptop password in this article.

Method #1: Consult the Nearest Lenovo Service Center

How to Reset HP Laptop Password
How to Reset HP Laptop Password

There are times when instead of trying out the easiest methods of all. You incessantly bang your head with overwhelming ideas. Thus sometimes, it is best to take a step back and to re-think in a conventional manner. If you do so, then consulting the nearest HP service center would be the finest solution that can come up in your mind at first.

Now service centers are the only place where highly trained experts can actually figure out the problem with your Laptop properly without any personal reckless attempts and can rectify the issue with a promising notification. Thus resetting your password or bypassing the password protection wouldn’t be that difficult for the experts to handle. They have special equipment and necessary software toolkits to resolve your issue in few minutes.

Thus don’t waste your time. Now Immediately go to the service center to unlock your HP Laptop without losing any data off your device.

Method #3: Reset HP Laptop Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

If you are tired of trying out irrelevant third party tools to unlock your laptop, then iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro is the only solution that comes with no downsides at all unlike other password resetting tools. It basically manipulates the registry keys to deliberately disable the password feature from the system and bypasses the login screen. It has been tested with various brands of laptops and computers apart from HP laptops, like Acer, Lenovo, Dell, etc.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Key Features:

  • The tool is compatible with all the versions of Window, namely XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • It works with Windows server also, like Windows 2000/ 2012/ 2016/ NT.
  • This works fine with UEFI and Legacy BIOS based laptops.
  • It requires no internet coverage.
  • No special technical knowledge is needed.
  • No data is lost during the process.
  • 24×7 technical support is available for all users.

Pre-requisite for iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro:

  • An accessible spare computer.
  • An optical disk with the minimum storage capacity of 512 MB.
  • The iSeePassword setup file.

Manual to use the Tool:

Step 1. From a separate working spare computer, download the setup file and install it correctly with wizard installer.

Step 2. Plug in your USB stick and choose “USB or CD/DVD” as the media type from the main UI screen.

How to Reset HP Laptop Password

Step 3. Next click on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” as per the disk choice to start burning of the ISO files into the optical disk you have just inserted. Click “Ok” finally when you receive the notification of burning being completed to end the process.

Step 4. Eject the loaded bootable disk and insert it now into the locked HP Laptop and boot from it. Enter the BIOS utility settings and change the boot order to make the inserted disk as the priority device.

How to Reset HP Laptop Password

Step 5. After changing the boot order all your ISO files will be loaded into the locked Laptop and eventually click on “Reset Password” and “Restart” buttons one after another to restart the laptop.

How to Reset HP Laptop Password

The system will be restarted, and you will get a clean access to your previously locked account.

Method #3: Reset HP laptop Password with LCP

LCP is a wonderful password recovery tool amongst all the currently available tools on the internet and it can actually crack or recover the forgotten password instead of bypassing or resetting it no matter how complicated the password is. The method is a bit complicated one and can be easily performed if you follow the steps elaborated below:

Step 1. Get your program file downloaded from the internet directly and install it correctly on your Laptop.

Step 2. Run the LCP utility using any accessible local user account, and from the main UI screen click on “Import” option from the toolbar.

Step 3. Off the drop-down menu, click on “Import from SAM file….” and you will be prompted to trace the corresponding SAM file for the target system.

How to Reset HP Laptop Password

Step 4. Next, uncheck the “Additional encryption is used” checkbox and click “Ok” to proceed.

How to Reset HP Laptop Password

Step 5. Now the program will show all the registered user profiles and you have got to select the one that is currently locked. Click finally on the “Arrow” button to initiate the cracking process.

How to Reset HP Laptop Password

Step 6.  When the Password is recovered, it will be displayed under the “NT Password” column adjacent to “LM Password column”.

How to Reset HP Laptop Password


  • The method is very complicated for the user who is not fully aware of password recovery mechanism.
  • It is not compatible with the latest Windows OS server versions like 2012 or 2016.


All the methods aforementioned have got certain downsides, except the third method of iSeePassword Recovery Pro. Thus if you are opting for a definite result as expected, then better rely on the third method as that is the only promising tool to give you the expected output.

The guideline to the method is very simple and anybody can easily carry it out with least of technical knowledge. And once you have settled with an account getting unlocked, note down the password in a safer place. So that you can access it easily if you forget it again.

In case of further query, consult the articles posted on our official website in order to gain more information.


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