How to Remove Password from PDF File

Do you have Password Protected PDF File, and want to share with another person, but don’t want to share your Encrypted PDF File’s Password. However somewhat, When we need to open the PDF file each time and have to enter the password repeatedly. Therefore it’s tiring work. Well, When we get tired or don’t want to enter the password repeatedly and Trying to Remove Password from PDF File.

Whatever, Password keeps our PDF file’s suspected information and a lot of more sensitive information from the hacker and unknown users, and encrypt our data as well. Whenever We get the password protected PDF file from our Office, and need to access the PDF File each time when needs. So Here, How to Remove Password from PDF, Let’s go ahead and Remove PDF Password and Save PDF Without password.

Remove Password from PDF
The easy way to Remove Password from PDF

Remove Password from PDF File in Few Seconds

Here are two easy Method to remove security from pdf, You can choose one and remove pdf password in just few seconds, Go ahead and follows steps. 

Method 1#

This is quite an easy method to Remove PDF password. In this method, will be used anyone Browser to Remove PDF Password. We will open the PDF file in the Browser and Remove Password from PDF in just a few seconds. 

1# Right Click on your PDF and Open it with Google Chrome or other Browser such as Safari, Microsoft edge, Opera etc.

2# It will ask the PDF File password, Enter your Password and Hit the enter button.

Remove Password from PDF

3# It will open your PDF file in the Browser.

4# Now Click on Print Icon on the top or Press the Ctrl+P Key shortcut on your Keyboard.

5# Select the Destination of the PDF File as “Save as PDF”.

Remove Password from PDF

6# Just Click on the Save Button and select your Location where you want to save your PDF file. Google Chrome will save your file to the selected location.

7# Now, You can open your saved PDF file without any password, Check and ensure.

Luckily, You’re accessing the PDF without any password

Method 2#

It is an easy method too as the previous method. In this method, we will use MS Word to Remove Password From PDF. MS Word is a Microsoft Office tool, Which is used for PDF Editing, Text Editing etc.

1# Right Click on the Password Protected PDF File and Open it with MS Word.

2# MS Word will now prompt you to Enter the password, Simply Enter the password and Hit Enter button on your keyword.

Remove Password from PDF

3# Once your PDF File opens, Go to the File Menu>Export>Create PDF File.

4# Click on the “Create PDF” Button and select your Location and save your PDF File.

5# Now Open your Saved PDF file without any password.

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Hopefully, These two easy methods are very helpful to use and probably have Removed Password from PDF file. In case if both methods don’t work, So you can copy all pdf file data and create new PDF file on your Computer and can access at any time without any trouble. Thanks for Reading this article, If have any doubt, Comment below.

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