How to Reinstall Windows Store on Windows 10

Accidentally, If you uninstalled the Windows Store from your PC using any third-party software. However, Windows Default apps you can’t remove but some third-party apps let you uninstall the default apps from windows. 

If for some reason you uninstalled windows store from your pc and now want to Reinstall Windows Store because Windows Store is a useful utility to download apps and games from Microsoft Store. 

Here is a useful guide for you to Reinstall Windows 10 Store.

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Reinstall Windows 10 Store App

1. First of all, Go to the Settings>Apps>Apps & Features.

2. Under the Apps&Features list find the app Microsoft Store, and click on it and open Advanced Options.

How to Reinstall Windows Store on Windows 10

3. Now, Go to Reset and click on the Reset button. This process will reinstall the windows store on your pc and revert to its previous settings. 

Reinstall Windows Store on Windows 10

4. Click to Reset, when you will get the confirmation dialog box. 

5.  Now, wait for a while, until it finishes. 

“If you couldn’t reinstall Windows Store and the above method was failing.  So, you can create a new user account and sign in through it. When you will sign in through the new user account, Windows will automatically install all the apps and programs that come with Windows Operating System.” 

You can move all your existing data from the old to the new one.

To create the New user account go to Windows Settings and open Accounts section, and then jump on the Family & Other users option, Now add another user account. 

Just simply click to “Add someone else to this PC” option and add a new user account.

Reinstall Windows Store on Windows 10

Hopefully, You did successfully reinstall Windows Store on your Windows 10. Microsoft Store is a useful and secure platform to install useful apps and games directly from the Microsoft server. Microsoft security system scans all the apps and games a thousand times to secure our privacy.

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