7 Quick & Easy Ways to Open Device Manager in Windows 10

Device Manager is the utility of Windows operating system where you can manage all Windows Drivers, and also check status and Update and Install/Uninstall Drivers. So Thus, The Device Manager is the crucial utility to Know about all Computer Drivers. Therefore, We must use Device Manager every time whenever needs to Check Driver Status So that we could keep Drives updated.

How to Open Windows 10 Device Manager

On the Windows 10, there’re several ways to access the Device Manager. We can access it through Control Panel, RUN Box, Shortcuts Keys, Windows Start Menu Search Box etc. However, Here we’re going to share few easy ways to Open Windows 10 Device Manager.

Method 1: Using Shortcut Keys

1. On your Desktop Screen Press the Windows+X Shortcut key on your Keyboard.

2. Now you will see several Menu options at the Left Side Bottom Corner, You can also access these menus by using Right Click on Windows Start Icon.

Windows 10 Device Manager

3. Then Locate the Device Manager and then Open it up.

4. Now the Device Manager is opened, Just Check your all drivers status.

Method 2: Using RUN Box

RUN Box is a useful Windows utility to quick access the Windows Program and Folders though a simple command line. Here you can open Program, Folder, Document, Internet resources by using program name.

1. First of all, Open the RUN Box (using Win+R Shortcut key) and you can also access it through Program shortcut under the Windows apps.

2. Type the devmgmt.msc on the RUN Box then Hit Enter Button.

Windows 10 Device Manager

3. It will open Device Manager within Seconds, Now you can use it.

Method 3: Using Command Prompt

As we all know, Command Prompt is a Command Line interface of the Windows NT Family and also known as CMD. We normally use this tool for few important works such as Making a Bootable USB, Format Pendrive etc.

1. Open Command Prompt on your PC using Windown+X Shortcut key on the Keyboard.

2. On the Command Window type devmgmt.msc and Hit Enter Button.

Windows 10 Device Manager

3. It will open the Device Manager, You can use this useful tool now.

Method 4: Using Windows Search Bar

On the Windows 10, Search Bar really helps a lot to Find out any Program, Files, and Folder of the whole computer. It is easy to use, simply search program name and open.

1. First of all, Go the Windows search Bar.

2. Search Device Manager in the Search Bar and then It will show Device Manager Control Panel, Just Click on the Program and it will open.

Windows 10 Device Manager

3. Now you can manage all Windows Drivers on this Device Control Panel.

Method 5: Using PowerShell

PowerShell is a configuration management framework that works almost as the Command Prompt, We can also RUN all Command on PowerShell rather than Command Prompt.

1. First of all, Open the PowerShell using RUN Box, Simply Open the RUN Box and Type PowerShell and hit the enter button. It will open PowerShell Window on your PC.

2. Now Type the Command devmgmt.msc and Hit Enter Button.

Windows 10 Device Manager

3. It will open the Device Manager immediately and you can use it.

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Method 6: Using Computer Management

Computer Management is the Administrator Management of the Windows NT Family, It is used to manage a Local Computer or Remote Computer. Through Computer Management we can Open Device Manager in Windows 10.

1. First, Open the RUN Box (Press Win+R Key) and Type compmgmt.msc on the RUN Box then Hit Enter Button or OK Button.

Windows 10 Device Manager

2. It will open the Computer Management system on your local computer.

3. On the Computer Management Go to Device Manager, It will not Open Device Manager but give you full access to the Device Manager Control Panel.

Windows 10 Device Manager

4. Here you can control all Windows Drives management and also update drivers.

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Method 7: Using Control Panel

I hope you might be aware of Control Panel as it’s all Computer settings Control Panel where you can control all windows settings. So through the Control Panel, we will Open Device Manager in Windows 10.

1. First of all, Open the Control Panel on your Windows PC.

2. On the Control Panel Find Out Device Manager option and then open it up, You can find out Device Manager by searching on Address Bar as well.

Windows 10 Device Manager

3. Now you can use Windows 10 Device Manager and Control All Windows Drive status.


I hope these easy Methods is useful and through these methods, you could Open Device Manager in Windows 10, you can also use these methods on Windows 7, 8 to access the Device Manager. Luckily, you’re managing all windows drives now.

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