“If you want to install new Operating System on your PC, You will need to a bootable data disk otherwise bootable pendrive. In case if you have no data disk to make bootable data. Certainly, you can actually make bootable pendrive for installing new OS. By the way by having much software you can create it. But if want to make bootable pendrive without any software. So today we will share some steps with you that how to make bootable pendrive by using CMD. For creating bootable USB drive you will follow some easy steps and that I about to tell you in below steps.”

How to make bootable pendrive:

bootable pendrive
How to make bootable pendrive

1# First thing for making bootable USB drive you must have a pendrive and which is not less than 4 GB, you can use more than 4 GB as your requirement.

2# First of all you will open “CMD” then type new command “Diskpart” then hit Enter……. It will be opened new “diskpart.exe” popup with the administrator.

bootable pendrive
how to make pendrive bootable

 3# In the second term you will need to open list disk by using “List Disk” Command. It will be opened the list of partitions.

bootable pendrive
make pendrive bootable

4# For select pendrive partition type new command “Select Disk 1”  Here keep in your mind. You will select pendrive disk, may be possible that the name of pendrive is different such as “Disk 2”, “Disk 3” etc. You can choose it by your intelligence. 

bootable pendrive
ho to create bootable pendrive

5# Now type next command Clean” to clean pendrive.

bootable pendrive

6# Then type new command called “Create Partition Primary” and hit Enter…..

bootable pendrive 7# Again type new command called “Select Partition 1″ then Hit Enter………. and get new message “Partition 1 is now the selected partition”. 

bootable pendrive

8# Now we will type new command called  “Active” for active partition. 

bootable pendrive

10# Then we will type new command “Format fs=ntfs quick” for formatting and Hit Enter…….

bootable pendrive

11# Now type “Exit” command then Hit Enter……. it will be closed.

12# Just now copy all your data and paste on pendrive and wait unit it will be finished. Then pendrive will be ready to booted. 

bootable pendrive
pendrive bootable

“In case if you want to only format your pendrive you can use this method, because by using this method you can completely format your pendrive data.” 


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