Every Computer has one disk and 3 to 4 partition of the disk but most the computers come with only one disk partition which is not good. If we have 3 to 4 partition we can keep all data in every partition without any problem.

If we keep all the data in different partitions so when we reset windows, it keeps our data safe, that’s why it’s important. 

When we keep all the data in a single drive that is C Drive, In which Windows is installed. When we reset the system all the data is wiped. Apart from that, If you’re wanting to make a new partition for a specific purpose such as OEM Recovery, then this guide will help you. 

If you want to create a new partition in Windows 10/8/7, just simply start reading the below steps to complete the task. 

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Make A New Partition on Windows

This process is too easy to do and takes a minute to complete. All the steps are below as follows, just read step by step. 

1: First of all, Open the Disk Management tool, press the “Windows Logo+X” shortcut key then go to Disk Management.  

If you’re using Windows 8 or 7 then Go to the Start menu and do a search for Disk Management and open it up.

2: Once you have opened the Disk Management tool, select the partition which has free space. 

3: Hit the Right-Click on that particular partition and then Shrink Volume.

make a new Partition in Windows 10

4: Shrink is a feature that allows you to shrink the size of the actual disk. In simple words, You can take out some space from the disk. 

5: Next, Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB, and then hit the Shrink button. 
Suppose, you want to shrink 10 GB space then simply add 10240 amount as 10240 is equal to 10GB. 

1GB = 1024 MB

make a new Partition in Windows 10

6: Once you have completed this task, you will get 10 GB Free/unallocated space.

7: Right-click on the Free/Unallocated space and then “New Simple Volume” to make a new partition in Windows 10.

make a new Partition in Windows 10

8: Click to Next to continue the process, You can choose the drive letter and volume label. 
You can enter the Volume name as you want such as Recovery, Backup, etc. Next and Finish…………..

create new partition on windows 10

9: Now, Your partition is ready to use. You can create a Recovery or backup, it depends on you. 

10: Hopefully, You created a new partition without any issue and kept all the useful data.

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